New photo and long 1904 article on PCS


I know we are not supposed to link to our own websites - so if you'd like to read a long newspaper article on PCS from 1904 and see a new photo of her as a young girl, go to my Public Profile and click on Contact Info to get to my blog post.


Amazing find! It is very telling of the times she lived in that she is described as having an "ungirlish individuality."


It is very telling of the times she lived in that she is described as having an "ungirlish individuality."
Yes - justification for calling her a success.


Yes - justification for calling her a success.

As well attributing much of that to her connections with prominent Brooklyn families. Funny the things people attached importance to in those days. There's no doubt there is a certain smug air about the article, with equal parts chauvinism and racism.

There could be no greater contrast to the ordinary dainty young Heights girl, of pretty manners, of normal tendencies, conventional ways and the usual ambitions.

"Usual ambitions" meaning, I suppose, finding a husband, perhaps (for the less fortunate, more adventurous girls) becoming a stenographer!

Still, lots of information here that's fascinating. I wonder if she self-consciously played up her "Jamaican exoticism" in order to make a living, knowing the upper classed would eat it up. It certainly sounds very theatrical, as though she played the part of Miss Cleo or something.

Her relationship with Ellen Terry is of some interest. I wonder if the article is hinting at more than simple friendship there, even though no one would have admitted it at the time. Still, pretty bombastic statement that, "It was not until she came across Ellen Terry that she found real solace."


Thankyou! I thoroughly enjoyed reading that!


Thank you very much for this remarkable finidng! It's really interesting story!


You can add the link Teheuti. Solandia has relaxed that rule. Actual promotion not so much, but just linking to an article on your blog is okay.


Very interesting story.
Thanks for posting it.

Babalon Jones

These are fascinating articles; she is such an interesting woman. Thanks for posting them here!