New revelation in Wheel Of Fortune


well's new to me!

Just when I think I have seen everything there is to see in these cards! It never ceases to amaze and surprise me by reavealing something new....

There in the clouds that surround the Wheel of Fortune...I spied with my little eye...
A faint shadowy grey line shading in the white clouds.

they look like finger prints to me.

I haven't decided what this means to me yet...(or if indeed it adds any significance at all!)
But that's probably because I wasn't in the middle of a reading...or doing any mediatation or anything...just looking closely at the card for study purposes.

Does anyone else see this too? Am I crazy? (OK...scratch that last question...I KNOW I am crazy!) what could be the addition of a finger print type image do fto further enhance the meaning of the Wheel?


I see what you are seeing but I thought it was just the canvas or whatever medium the painting was done on at first. Then I decided that could not be right be maybe it is just brush strokes??


I see it too. I quickly flipped through my deck to see if there was anything else like it... King of Swords; Ace of Wands and kind of on The Tower.

I think it is probably just an 'artist' thing/ printing thing.


I was reading that Pam created the art for this deck using
Gouache, Pen and Black Ink on Paper. But still, what size?