New Spread Ideas?

September Pixie

Anyone have any new spread ideas? I have been using the 'who wants to talk' spread a lot and would like to branch out a little more.. :)

These are some spreads from my Faerie Wisdom deck that I think may work with this one as well..

Cycle Of The Year

6 (beg) , 2 (north) , 7 (end) = Winter
8 (beg) , 4 (west) , 9 (end) = Fall
10 (beg) , 3 (south) , 11 (end) = Summer
12 (beg) , 5 (east) , 13 (end) = Spring
Card 1 represents you and your current situation

Faerieland Dance Spread
Concentrate on a question and begin to shuffle the card deck allowing some cards to fall from the shuffle. Place the cards in order that they had fallen as below..


Read the cards in order and the last card that fell is the final outcome of the situation.


I find it difficult to get the fearies to conform to any particular spread!

I would like to try your ideas for different spreads and see how it works.

Thanks for the ideas!


aneski said:
I find it difficult to get the fearies to conform to any particular spread!
I have the same experience with these cards particularly. I often find that I will ask a question and certain Fae will simply step forward to shed light on the situation.

These are great ways to use the cards differently...~!

Here's a 3 card spread from me, from the top of my head :

Card 1 : What Faery oversees this situation, or mos influences this situation?

Card 2 : What is the nature of this situation?

Card 3 : What do I most need to know?

September Pixie

Or perhaps........

[ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ]

1: Who do I most need to hear from?
2: Who do I most need to learn from?
3: Who can help me learn this lesson?

I find myself sitting in conference for hours with this kind of spread.... those who are not fae friendly or fae chasers must certinaly think I am insane! :eek: