New thread: Lost and Found Singles Bar for missing Cards


Hello AT!

I find myself seeking the little white booklet from the third edition Bohemian Gothic Tarot from Baba Studio. Does anybody out there have one to spare for me?

I would be very thankful to receive a PM!

have one, pm me


I am looking for a pink-Ankh backed 9-cups for my 1959 RWS.

The original was folded very neatly and looks like it was carried in a wallet. Romantic as that may be, it cannot be used without further damaging it.

I have one, is this the one you need?

photo attached



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Looking For Replacement Cards

I am in search of the following orphans who would like a new home to complete my broken decks:

Aquarian – Red w/White Orobouros - need Q of Swords, 4 of Rods
Tarot Linol – need 9 of Pents and 9 of Swords
Yeager Tarot – 1976 “nude” version - need Ten of Pents

I am willing to purchase the missing cards, or trade a deck for them. I have quite a few duplicates in my stash.



Just received a Gilded Tarot missing a 10 of Pentacles. Anybody have a broken Gilded that can send me my missing card?


I need the Empress card for the original Alchemical Tarot.

Any incomplete decks out there? I will be happy to pay for it!

Pam O

Just received a Gilded Tarot missing a 10 of Pentacles. Anybody have a broken Gilded that can send me my missing card?

Have you emailed Llewellen? Someone else got a missing Gilded card replaced from them. Good luck.

Le Fanu

A card Id really like if anyone has an incomplete (longshot, I know) Oracle of the Radiant Sun, is...

card number 7; Negotiation..

Anyone have an incomplete set? Mine has a tear in it.

I have an incomplete Tarot of the Cat People if anyone needs anything. The Majors are grubby and overused but if anyone needs a Minor - send me a msg and I'll see if I have it.

Oh and also an incomplete golden LoS Nefertari I can split up.

Also, while we're at it - anyone have a Thomson-Leng Death card or King of Cups? Debra very kindly sent me a photocopy which was very kind but while we're on the subject, if anyone has originals, I'd be very happy and I know that there are a lot of incomplete sets around.


looking for Ace of Pentacles for a standard RW


Would anyone happen to have an Ace of Pentacles from a regular old run-of-the mill Rider Waite? The one with black & blue plaid on the back?

I would be happy to trade a little origami surprise for one :) Just PM me if anyone happens to have one.

Thanks so much!