New thread: Lost and Found Singles Bar for missing Cards


Chrysalis tarot

I am hoping to find the 8 of scrolls and ace of spirals from the chrysalis tarot. If anyone has extras, please let me know. :)

Also, a 2 of swords from the US games Belgium (1990) printing of the Haindl tarot.


My Steampunk tarot got pretty damaged in my last cross-country move. The moving company I thought we'd hired subcontracted an unlicensed crew and a lot of my stuff was rifled through. This deck was in a dresser drawer and got thrown all around the truck.

Edit!: I took out the list. I just found the second half of the deck shoved into another box. It looks like I have a good chunk of the cards, some are missing, some are dirty/scraped, but most of them are in good condition. So if you need anything from the Steampunk deck, just let me know!


Paulina Tarot Missing Cards

I'm hoping to find the Strength and Queen of Wands cards from the Paulina tarot. Please PM me if you have ones to spare :)


Hi everyone! For Christmas I treated myself to Oracle of the Dreamtime.

It has two #25 Butterfly cards (if anyone needs a spare) and is missing the #30 Magpies card.

So I am looking for the #30 Magpies card if anyone can assist. Thank you! :)

It is awfully late to ask this but I am still looking for the #30 Magpies if anyone has a spare. Thank you. :love:


Golden tarot, Kat Black

I posted in this thread some time ago, but just in case my first post was missed : I am still offering a spare card from my Golden Tarot if yours is missing one.
My deck is retired because it losts its Death card. It now is also short of a 9pents that I gave to a friend. I wish to keep most of my deck, even incomplete, because I have liked it a lot.... but if one or two of its remaining cards can enable your own deck to be complete again, it is with pleasure that I will send it to you. PM me if you are looking for a card !