New to everything


Hi, I am new to tarot in terms of doing it myself. I have had several readings over the years.

I have just purchased my 1st 2 decks. The first was The Crystal Tarot published by Lo Scarabeo with art by Elisabetta Trevison. I bought it because it was the one that appealed to me the most. At the same time I bought Anthony Louis' book "Tarot Plain and Simple." After looking through that book and then looking at some threads on symbolism here, I realized that I probably ought to own a more traditional deck for learning and decided upon the Universal Waite Tarot. When I got the deck home and really looked at the box, I had to chuckle that my card of the day, the Queen of Pentacles (which I had not even had time to look up yet), was depicted on the box. So I guess I made the right choice!

I also purchased the book "Tarot for Yourself." I have started going through the workbook and already I am overwhelmed!

Apparantly, I am one of the people that has the #19 and therefore, my soul and personality cards are the Magician, Sun, and Wheel. Should I stop there and try to really learn what those 3 cards mean and their impact in my life now, or should I just read the meanings of the individual cards and keep going because I will gain the understanding in the process.

I realize that this is probably a monumentally stupid question, but I am so overwhelmed that I don't really know where to start and dont want to become so frustrated that I give up.

Thanks, Sarah English


Hi Sarah,

Have you taken a look at Thirteen's 'Tarot Basics' forum . I'm a relative tarot newbie and have found them very informative and clear. Takes you straight through from the Majors to the Minors and are Rider Waite based :)


Sarah, sounds to me ur taking it way to hard... I didn't get my first book until three months after my first tarot deck. And i have only one deck. If i were you i would just look through one deck. Choose your favorite from your two and work with it a little. Then once you become familiar with the cards... Start reading one of your books (i think u got two) I like Tarot Plain and simple. It helped me a lot. Just take it a bit slower... your not gonna learn tarot over night... It takes years and years of practice. So be patient it'll come with time.


Thanks so much, Mateo and Emily, for your replies. I have printed out the 3 cards I mentioned from Thirteen's Basics thread and plan to read them in a moment when I hop into bed. I often need to be reminded to slow down, lol! I definitely tend to jump in with both feet! I am just like an impatient 2 year old - I want it all now, right now! Think I'll take your advice and go back to pulling 1 card a day and see what I can learn from it until the next day. I find that tarot is so exciting that it is hard to pick just 1!!