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I've just looked you can buy from


Interesting reading this...

The book is indeed useful, this is my favourite deck and the first one I had that I felt I could really READ easily. It is very much based on the RWS meanings but with a twist, I don't think (ofhand) there are cards which I couldn't read ...

But yes, the book is a lovely addition and very interesting as it goes through the symbols on the card in depth as well as shedding light on the decks creation.


Free Spirit

I was wondering what thoughts are on the Death card.

Free Spirit

Thanks for your input.
Is there anyone here that would like to restart the existing study group or start a new one. I would but I don't feel I have enough experience with the cards.

Free Spirit

I forgot to ask have you have you got the book, and if so where did you purchase it from.
By the way I originally came from the U.k. South east area.


There's a link somewhere on one of the threads here for the book on amazon (the thread on books). I got mine from Alida originally (this was when the deck first came out): I can't see the book listed now but ask them if you don't want amazon as this is how I sourced my copy in the first place

For a particular card, the best thing is to either resurrect an old thread on it, or alternatively to post your own thoughts and descriptions of the card and say what you find especially puzzling or interesting about it e.g. where it has come up on a reading, what the symbols might mean etc, what hasn't yet made sense.


ps bet it is hotter where you are now!


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Hi Free Spirit,

All the study groups are active but some haven't been posted to in a while.

To restart a study group just start posting.
You may find this thread useful: Thinking of starting or joining a study group - guidelines.

The Fey Tarot index thread is at the top of the forum (thanks Aerin :)): and there you will find a list of links to all the threads so far in this group.
If you want to talk about a card that has already been discussed just add your comments to the thread about that card and if you want to talk about a card not yet covered, just start a thread on it and PLEASE let me know by private message so that I can add the thread to the index.

I've found that once people start posting to a study group interest in that group is revived.

If you need to know anything about Tarot Study Groups just PM me :).

Sulis - Tarot Study Groups moderator