New to group...


Hi, my name is Melanie.
I have been using ToP for the past several months to do a daily personal reading and journal. In the past I have used Robin Wood or Haindl for this, but for whatever reason ToP just became my everyday deck. I have been reading
some of your threads on particular cards when I feel stumped (personal readings are the hardest, don't you think?). I am wondering purposes people might be using this deck for, and what spreads, if anyone feels like sharing?
Thanks, M


Well, I'm not sure how typical I am, but I tend to use Tarot of Prague for my more serious readings - for myself or for others. The deck actually has a lot of humour, but at the same time it can be really spot-on and quite blunt when you need answers. So I use it when I want to get straight to the point - even when that point is sometimes delivered with a fair amount of humorous tone. Hope that makes sense!

Oh, and welcome to Aeclectic and to the study group :)


Welcome, Melanie!
I´m using the The Tarot of Prague as my daily reading deck too.I draw three cards for the day, and one card for advice.


I just got the deck and I'm completely in love with it!
So anyone alive out there.... HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :p

*goes off to read the threads about her favourite cards*



Hi Melanie - I can't help with ToP since I don't have that one, but I wanted to welcome you to the site. This is a great place!

Enjoy :D


Little Baron

I received this deck in a trade today.

So you should be seeing a bit of me around this board.

I am also off to look at the threads already posted.