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I am new to tarot and I am trying to find ways of finding meaning for the cards. I have two books but there card meanings are so different. Sometimes when I do a reading to meanings hit right on but then sometimes the meanings just don't quite fit. What is the best way for someone brand new to tarot to learn the meanings of the cards?


I AM also new to tarot and my advice is to go to tarot basics and read what thirteen has posted she gives great meanings of the cards and it really helped me the books gave me no clue but thirteen did a wonderful job explaing the meanings. good luck, bleu


hi dp! one way i think is easy for a novice to learn is to lay out three cards about situations or people that you are familar with. i work in a pet supply store and was going to do mini readings for a one day charity event. in practice i laid out three cards for one dog that is a regular customer. i drew the three of swords, i believe the ten of swords, and then i think the four of wands. well this guy had been homeless and suffered unknown trauma resulting in the loss of one front leg then he was placed with his current owner who worships him.another reading on our resident trainers dog was a card that made me feel sadness. but shiloh has a very happy life and then i figured out the card represented her appearance- she is a big floppy sad face basset hound! keep it simple and give yourself time to read the card. and when i use different books it always seems that the interpretation i need is the one i find. just play n have fun! outtt!!!!


if you really come down to it, most of the decks all have the same meanings or they are close. the interpretations for the modern day meanings are more accurate than the older ones so if you have a glossary of the newer terms, it would be better to go by them.

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Hi, you can't find short cuts. It will come... read, study practice ,keep an open mind!!! Not the answer you wanted but you will find the "way". above all, don't loose faith.

Dance gracefully with life .


I think you have just encountered the issue that seperates people who play with Tarot as a party game with serious readers, namely, different meanings of cards. Cards in different situations can mean different things. How can you tell the difference: practise, reading, and learn to run with your gut instincts. You should learn the standard meanings for cards, but also should enter into each card through meditation and see how you feel. Well, it works for me !



Read, study and work with the cards :)

To be honest I still have plenty of moments where I'm confused about the meaning of a card--you're right, a person could only ever pick up two tarot decks/books in his or her entire life and become quite confused by the differences between them.

So learning tarot has to become a combination of what you read and what you intuit. For the first couple of years I remember thinking I wasn't getting anywhere with tarot study.

For some reason, one day it simply occurred to me that I knew a great deal more about tarot than I'd known the year before, so people do accumulate knowledge along the way, they just may not always realize it.

But learning tarot is and always will be an ongoing process, which is one of the great things about it. There's always a place to take it--if there weren't, it'd get pretty dull pretty quick.




I use the Cosmic Tribe tarot which I love - especially since the pictures express their meanings so well. They really speak to me and I never have to use the book with them. But doing readings for people has really helped as well...

Practice makes perfect :)