New to the Faeries..


Hello I just wanted to say hi and that the faeries' oracle was the 1st set of cards that I have bought...(I have the dragon tarot on the way, a friend knew I was shopping around for them and found me some for free..!) The Faeries called me (like the dragon tarot) so I had to have them..But now I have a hard time with letting go of the book and looking within the cards themsleves for the meaning...I know I do need to be around them more...So do I need to just hide the book and start reading them for what I see in them?
Sorry if this sounds vague..


Welcome RavenSage!

Cool Nick!

Just look at the cards, and go with what you feel, then check out the book.


Put the book somewhere you won't find it for a long time, or ask someone else to for you! The best way to get to know this deck is to simply look at the pictures. These are very expressive cards for many folks, and don't be frustrated if it takes a little time before you feel connected. Every step is a good one!

My sister, sagitarian on this board, gave me sound advice (but back then it was about finding a good book to learn how to read Tarot). She said, "You don't read a book to find out how to fall in love."

Let yourself fall in love with the cards, since they are already calling to you! You just may surprise yourself.

And welcome to the Forums! :D


Hi RavenSage and welcome to the wonderful world of faeries!!

I will make the same recommendation to you as I have for others (including myself *LOL*), read the intro to the book and do the exercises without reading the meanings of the cards. I know it is hard when you have the book right there, but those exercises in the first half of the book and really good at getting you acquaineted with the deck. When you finish the work in the first half of the book, then move on to the card descriptions. You will find that your intuition was right on, and will have a genuine confidence level working with this deck.

It is not a deck like any other oracle or tarot. This deck is interactive, and the faeries will guide and teach you. Just open your mind and heart and let the faeries come in. They will do the rest!