New to this group...


Geetings! New to this grp, will have to catch up! Blessings, Ianna:)


Yay, 21 Ways Studiers!

I see a bit of a rise in folks starting the 21 Ways study, and I just want to drop in to encourage you! I completed the first round, and it was very valuable to me, both personally and in my tarot studies. (I never completed the Adept round . . .)

So, you who have just started, or who have started and not finished:

Keep going! You'll be glad you did!

We had some comaraderie going back then, and that might be a good idea for current folks, too. You might want to post some encouraging comments to each other in the step threads.

Good luck, and have fun!

Soaring Eagle

I just finished through step 3, and all I can say is WOW!! I have wanted to do this study for a while, but got caught up in IDS studies. This is a great way to really "dig into" a card. It is so worth it. :)


I started it two years ago and never completed it. Now I have just started again. I hope this time work and everyday life chores won't get in the way again. :)


I am up to step 7 i just cant seem to back into it , as ive had so much going on i havent been able to focus on it . I really want to complete it its just the time factor as there is never enough of it .


Having completed both the Apprentice and Adept rounds of this a couple of years ago I cannot recommend this enough. Not only did it make me a more confident and well rounded reader, it also helped me grow as a person. I chose a deck that I had never used and did not really feel connected just to see how it would work. The connection I developed with the deck I used will be everlasting. 21 Ways is more than learning how to read tarot, it really is a beautiful journey.


I have this book out of the library, and am thinking about buying a copy for myself. If I flake out on it, as I have been with almost everything, then I can at least pass it on to a tarot-loving friend.


I'm trying to decide which deck to use: Deviant Moon, Druidcraft, Halloween, Fantastic Menagerie...

Pam O

I was just telling someone about this. I am wanting to do it too. Hmmmmm, what deck???????
OK. Time to check in with intuition & see what deck gets to be the lucky winner! :D


I've had this book for a few years and never really studied it. I am so glad there is a study group like this here! Choosing my deck with be the biggest challenge in this study, I think :D :D