Next World Tarot Art and creation


Hello everyone! Ive been working on a deck for a few years, its called NEXT WORLD TAROT. Ive finally launched a kickstarter to fund self-publishing, shipping, and distributing..... Here is some of the art for now, the best possible gemini/gemini rising form of communication:

Next World Tarot is about the raw magic and incidental revolution that happens in the underground. Its about smashing systematic oppression, owning our truths, and reclaiming a connection to your body (and the earth) that may have been lost through trauma and brainwashing. The characters of Next World are both the visual spectacle and the battle cry, between outcasts and their criminalized identities.

If youre interested, you can checkout the kickstarter at



The images are gorgeous~!


I love your artwork! Been excited about this deck since I saw the interviews on Little Red Tarot. Congrats on getting funded!