Nicolas Conver Identity

Le Marseillais

Hello from Marseilles France:

Who could help me to search real biography of this Tarot card maker who lived in Marseilles around 1760 ? and produced his famous deck.

Personnaly I doubt that he was originaly from Marseilles area or even Provence Région because Conver is not a name from here.

My opinion is that he was from another France Région i.e Paris or Lyon area or even North of France.

I can't trace any Conver in Marseilles area.
On the oposite I can find easily Camoin name and even Levenq name but peanuts for Conver.

Anybody have an idea ?

Thanks a lot by advance.

Yves Le Marseillais


There was an important Conver family in Orleans, but perhaps it could also be remembered that 'Conver', 'Payen', and perhaps a host of others seem to indicate a name change from perhaps non-Christian origin.

I will also later look up some references I have, but chances are, they are no more than what you have access to.

I also seem to recall that Ross Caldwell had done some work in this area.

Le Marseillais

Hello Jean Michel and all,

Thanks for your response that seems to confirms foreign origin of this familly name.
By foreign I means at this stage foreign to my local region i.e South of France.
But may be this familly was really from outside of France.

If Conver could means "converted to Catholic religion" and Payen could means "Paien (not religious oriented)", so, It is another road to take.

I phoned to two individuals that was in Marseille phone book and nammed Conver:
First one is here since one year, has a Reunion Island accent and is coming from this Reunion.
Second one is here since 15 years only and is originated from Pas de Calais (North of France as you know).

A Conver also died in 1752 in Gardanne a small village 15 km from Marseille (close to Aix en provence). Another track.

But Orléans is a more serious track.
May be Caldwell is know more.

I will communicate my results at the last stage.


Yves Le Marseillais