Nicoletta Ceccoli ~ The Hanged Man


A girl with two heads is sitting on a swing. Something about this Hanged girl card reminds me of Circus. Maybe it is the fact that she seems to be hanging above emptiness, maybe somewhere very high above ground. The ropes that suspend her are very thin but she seems to trust them.
She is not hanging upside down like the Hanged usually is but the curious thing is that she has got two heads. If you cover the heads one at a time you can see that the one on her right looks more like her real head and the one that has come up on her left shoulder looks like an added one. It is peeking at us curiously and the expression is different from the more calm expression of the “real” head. This additional head seems to give her a different view of things.

There are several of these “doppelgänger” cards in this deck. The Two of Cups, the Two of Wands and the Five of Cups are the most obvious but there is an amazing amount of duality in this whole deck.

She wears the same fluffy seed pod dress as the Knight of Pentacles does who is a true Plant Girl and part of a creeping vine. If the Hanged is also a Plant girl it would make her two heads more normal since plants have many branches and grow new “heads” all the time.
She has soft white feathery wings on her back.

Some interpretations that come to mind are:
-being two minds about something
-seeing from a new viewpoint, seeing through someone else’s eyes
-setting your Self aside for a moment
-initiation,moving from one world to the next
-hanging in there
-being suspended and trusting and accepting, letting go of control
-not trying anything by force
-mystical visions, altered states

LWB: Suspend your disbelief and surrender to a new way of looking at things. Expand the limits of your consciousness. Key concepts: A different point of view, an open mind.