Nicoletta Ceccoli ~ Three of Wands


The name of the original artwork is Bluebird. I’m not sure but maybe she is holding a small bird in her hands or in her lap. She is sitting up in a tree and a trail of roses is falling down and reaching a fox further away. The tree is bare and looks like there is snow on the ground.
Looks like the girl is doing some private ceremony. She has a plan, she knows what she is doing and maybe she is waiting for the fox to take the bait?

The more I study this deck the more I find traditional RWS meanings in addition to all the other stories these cards reveal. This card is again very much the RWS Three of Wands card to me:
-something or someone is arriving
-seeing the big picture and looking far but remembering to focus also on detail
-help is on the way
-exploration, leadership, strength
-planning, foresight

LWB: Assess your losses and your gains now, and if necessary change your goals to align with new information. Be on the alert for those who could thwart you. Key concepts: A pause in the endeavour, evaluating the situation.


This was my card of the day, today.
When I saw it I had a sense of "the plan is in action" which makes sense for what I'm up to - I'm in day three of a multi-day plan right now.

I also noticed the way that the flowers spiral downwards in a very orchestrated or carefully planned way. She hasn't strewn them about carelessly. There is a sense of "if you're going to do something, do it right" or "if you don't have the time to do it right, now, when will you have the time to do it over?"

It seems very important to this card that it be done properly the first time. We don't get a do-over, here.