Nightmares after this past full moon


Hey all. Not really sure where to post this thread but here seems like the best spot as I've read a couple other threads about nightmares.

I'm not one for nightmares. My dreams are usually quite pleasant and explorative. The last two night however I've had terrible nightmares. From the first night, the dreams were extremely disjointed and erratic and I wouldn't even be able to explain. But the dreams I just had (this evening) started at a prom, and I was there but watching a video of a past prom because it was better. I realized some people were leaving the prom to go to observe at, for lack of a better term, an insane asylum, where people were confined to a small space for observation and were actively multilating and touching each other (again lack of a better term, not in a sexual way). People who would observe would eventually become patients themselves as they became enamored with the extreme mutilation the patients performed on themselves. One girl I was watching (I was not the subject of the dream, just watching everything like a movie) created a beautiful gown based off of the gore she observed. Then I woke up right before I saw the gore she was observing. There were other things, small details, a weird tarot deck at one point, but that's basically it.

Anyway, if anyone could provide interpretation that would be helpful, but I don't really need someone to interpret necessarily.

My main question revolves around nightmares after full moons. Is this common? The only change in my actual routine is that I've been going to sleep much later (200-230) than usual. I wonder if this could have an effect on the dreams. I did a soul journey spread around my dreams from the first night - and I'm not the best with those spreads because I find it hard to relate the cards to my dreams. I don't plan to do a spread for this dream because it was just downright disturbing but the disturbing aspect is fading now as I have physical time distancing me from it, thankfully.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


I have never noticed if a full moon was responsible for my nightmares, i can usually attribute them to a mix of tv i have watched and personal anxieties in daily life given a whole dramatic giving over in the nightmares

Had one last night, a recurring one too about a powerful organisation that held me hostage, tortured and tried to kill me

I hope u get a translation for yours x


Hi alaina, short answer to your question: no it's not common, but the full moon can well be an influence. I do take note of moon phases where I can focus on certain things. I do have B- or C-grade horror movie-like dreams from time to time, waking up like, "WTF?"

Your change in sleeping patterns could also have something to do with it, yes.


I think you are on to something about the later bed time. Altering sleep cycles can cause your sleep clock to to out of whack. It could be that your mind is much more active then usual because of this change to your sleep patterns, which is causing you more vivid and crazy dreams.
I hope it's subsiding and you're sleeping better. :)


Thank you all for your responses :)

My sleep pattern has readjusted with no strange dreams/nightmare, just regular :)


Hi Alaina,

glad your sleep patterns have readjusted!

Do you get nightmares after every Full Moon or just the May one? is it a one off or something regular?

Each New Moon and Full Moon affects us differently, it can make us emotional or not affect us at all or make us face up to something or give us some positive energy in our lives.

This isn't the astrology area but want to go into the astrology aspect of this just briefly as it's related. The May Full Moon was in Gemini / Sagittarius with a lot of difficult astrology around it and retrogrades, Mars retrograde all around this Moon also Mercury was just going direct. The Full Moon was pretty friendly but I think May was a month for everyone where everyone went a little introspective, working something out (depending on where it was affecting them in their birth chart and this Full Moon is something completing where Sagittarius is in your birth chart). You might feel a bit pulled in different directions with the Gemini. For me this was a friendly end to a difficult time, I will move on from this sort of idea! Some astrologers online called this Full Moon the poison arrow. Now the bad news, on the 20th of June is a second Full Moon in Sagittarius and so it's repeating of the May one. It would be really interesting if you get the same nightmares again, take a note of what happens! It's slightly different in placement but still Sag!

This astrology is forcing us to deal with something in our lives and move on! We had one chance at the end of May but we get a second chance in June. So that is that is the astrological influences of this. If for you this is rare with nightmares and the Full Moon, perhaps this is the cause of this affect. If this happens every Full Moon or at least once a year for you, perhaps you are highly linked to the Moon and affects your emotions and dreams. It's worth also looking where your Moon is in your birth chart, some people are more sensitive to them, especially the Water signs with emotions.

Away from the astrology of this, your dream seems to be about people and social connections. In Victorian times, people would go to Insane Asylums to watch the people as entertainment. The ill people were sometimes called "Lunatics" because the Full Moon had sent them insane. So there is an interesting link there, even though it's largely a myth. The idea of viewing people and seeing them worse themselves was entertainment as a theme there.

The Prom is a symbol of completion, you have a Prom to celebrate the end of school or the year. I think people either have the best time of their lives there or a really awful time (think Carrie :D). At a Prom, you were watching another Prom. I wonder if you have good memories of them or you hated it. Also could you be completing something in your life, like something you completed in the past? A repeating pattern there? (two proms and two full moons, offering the same space to complete / work through an area of your life).

Some people were so bored of not enjoying the Prom so much, they went to the asylum. People are in the asylum for help from their mental illness and mental stress, Mutilation is a desperate cry for help from the people.

The gown is interesting, I think people largely see gown's as a symbol of happiness, a formal occasion or a wedding. It's something special, not everyday! Tarot Cards in dreams often represent the subconscious, so you are finding this all a bit weird. I wonder if you could see any cards? I often get card images a quick shortcut to complex messages to me in dreams.

In this dream you are like the 3rd party, it's not really about you. You are an observer. I think this dream is about your social world and friends, maybe feeling you don't fit in. It's important in this dream about how you feel about Proms. Did you have a wonderful one? Do you see yourself in a beautiful gown as a very important time in your life? Perhaps other people around you didn't have such a great time at the Prom, they would rather watch people in the asylum and see them make a gown of their own skin. They could possible signify that they make themselves happy perhaps. If you hated your prom and loathed it, this I think represents you. Perhaps the thoughts say that you don't fit in and you are not comfortable in yourself. Just some ideas!

See if the repeats this month or is different :)



Thanks for posting.

I find that the full moon generally speaking kind of upsets your routine a little bit. The 'energy' at the time of a full moon, for some, can be quite emotional, a bit erratic or you can just become a lil bit of a lunatic :p

So i'm not surprised that you had a weird dream / nightmare.

I haven't googled any specific dream interpretations, but i'm wondering if you work in the mental health industry / have an interest or you've been a consumer (client) of mental health services / have mental health issues.... Sometimes our anxieties are represented in our dreams.

For example, are you feeling like you're being over observed? Are you current stress / anxiety levels high for any particular reason? Why is it you're going to bed later? Is it because you're not getting enough wind-down time... so you're going to bed later...
Questions to ask yourself... It may help put your mind at ease....

Also, I highly recommend doing some mindfulness breathing exercises before you go to bed, or a quick meditation, to 'quiet' the mind... if nightmare keep occurring...

However, I think it was just a high energy of the full moon that influenced some nightmares. Regardless if you don't believe in the full moon energy... The full moon makes things lighter at night... and this can also cause issues sleeping....