"Ninth Wave" Spread


Just created a new tarot spread! Briefly, the “ninth wave” is associated with the Otherworld throughout Celtic folk-lore.


There are three phases to this spread:

Time Between Lives:
1.) Transition: How did your previous life come to a close; or, how did it affect you?
2.) Who have I carried over from my previous live into this life?
3.) Rebirth: What new experiences or lessons am I to experience?

Previous Life:
4.) Personality; or, how others felt about you during previous lifetime.
5.) Career: To what class did I belong; or, what was my career/ profession?
6.) Lesson: What primary lesson was I supposed to learn? What did I regret?

Future Life:
7.) Upbringing: How will I be raised in my next life? (Will I be poor? Of the commonwealth? Privileged?)
8.) Career: What will be my career or livelihood in my next life?
9.) Karma: What are the struggles, lessons, or fears that I have carried over from previous lives?

You may see an image that I created for this spread on my blog (picmonkey is my BFF!): http://macmorrighan.tumblr.com/post/150000551701/ninth-wave-spread