Nisaba's Four Winds of Change spread


Firstly, you will need to choose a significator to indicate the situation or character-trait that you wish to change. I recommend flicking through your deck fairly quickly, and pulling out the image that shrieks loudest to you when you're not really consciously making choices. Then have a look at it with you brain engaged - this alone can be quite revealing.

You lay this as card 1 in the middle of the spread. Then shuffle.

Card 2 goes on top of it, upright. This indicates what motivates you to make change.

Card 3 crosses them. This indicates what is keeping you from making change.

Then around them, place out four cards like so:



Card 4 indicates thought-patterns that will serve you in making change.

Card 5 indicates thought-patterns that prevent you from making change.

Card 6 indicates behaviours you need to adopt to make change.

Card 7 indicates behaviours you need to prevent to make change.


Let me know how you go with this one.


oh love this, going to try it now!


Ditto- thanks for this xx


<smile> I'll be interested to see how you think it works in practice.


ok just did this for myself, totally spot on! harsh but true lol!

great spread nisba - going in my book! thanks for sharing x


Thank *you* for test-driving it for me. I hace a spread laid out on my coffee-table right now, but what with all the comings-and-goings today, I haven't even glanced at it.


Thankyou- i posted my reading under "my readings", titled "changing my behaviors". Lovely spread. My friend who is just getting into tarot commented on how good he thought it was xxx


Excellent. <rubs hands together>. One for the book, then.


Amazing spread! very straightforward and easy to use with all the cards...I'll definitely be teaching it to my friend who's learning tarot!


I came across this one a few weeks ago and recognized that it was meaty enough for a very important subject that's recently come into my life. Despite never having been a frequent self-reader, I feel the need to explore this subject through the tarot. But, I don't want to flog it to death with too many readings so I'm limiting the amount of readings I do and spacing them out over time. I want each spread to bring something useful and significant to the table/question, and this one seemed like it would.

I pulled the cards (from the Archeon deck) and set them aside until I had time to analyze them this weekend. Both the well-crafted spread and the to-the-point deck conspired to offer some good insight. If I find the time to edit out the most personal/revealing portions of my journal write-up, I shall post the cards in the appropriate section (Your Readings, I suppose).

Thank you for the spread.