Nisaba's Health Meanings


I've linked to a message in another thread with this material in it a few times now, and I thought I'd give it a thread of its own to make it easier for me when I'm searching for it <grin>.

THE FOOL: unforeseen health problems around the corner: stop and take stock.

THE MAGICIAN:needing to implement whatever you already know in order to effect a recovery; or a need to consult a specialist.

The HIGH PRIESTESS/PAPESS: follow your gut feelings regarding your diet: if you really don't want to eat something even though you love the taste, don't. If you really do desire something strange, eat it.

The EMPRESS: problems with weight gain, potential pregnancy (watch those contraceptives!) or in older people, perhaps psychological issues related to children or the lack of children.

The EMPEROR: your health is set in cement. If it is good, it will stay good. If it is bad, it will take a whole lot of work and effort to overcome it. Your health is slow to change in either good or bad ways.

the POPE/HIEROPHANT/HIGH PRIEST: Listen to your doctor and follow their advice. If they refer you to a specialist, GO! and do exactly as the specialist advises. In your situation, the experts really do have the answers.

the LOVERS: issues with paired organs things that occur in twos in the body.

the CHARIOT:accidents, most likely involving vehicles of some kind.

JUSTICE: If you expect a good result in your health, put in a good effort. You can't just coast and expect things to improve.

the HERMIT: You desperately need a break from work, home, and/or crowds. Grab your sleeping-bag and head for a friendly cave somewhere, and spend time with yourself. It will help. Solitude in nature is very healing for you at this time.

the WHEEL OF FORTUNE: your health will swing wildly between recovery and relapse for a while yet, it is not stable. You are likely to catch any bug doing the rounds of your community.

STRENGTH: you have the willpower to do anything at the moment, to break any addiction, to achieve anything related to your health. Quick! Take advantage before it slips away and you are less motivated again. Also, gym membership is a good idea.

the HANGED MAN: procrastinating about having something that could be a risk-factor medically checked out.

DEATH: Time to stop ALL our bad habits RIGHT NOW (everything from smoking to bungee-jumping) before you are rendered seriously ill or worse. You don't have much time - stop-cold right now if you want a tolerable health outcome.

TEMPERANCE: be temperate. All things in moderation. If you cannot do moderation, say in an addiction, replace its pleasure in your life with some other different pleasure - don't try and go completely without any indulgences if you need them to stay on-balance.

the DEVIL: future health risks of giving in to temptation: ie, over-eating, over-drinking, unsafe sex, drugs etc.

the TOWER: some form of unexpected accident, most likely in or around buildings.

the STAR: a time of recovery.

the MOON: psychological issues affecting your physical health, or the safety of you and those around you.

the SUN: skin, skin cancers, dehydration, sunburn, heat exhaustion, all the usual stuff. Slip-slop-slap, cover up rehydrate at frequent intervals, and stay healthy.

JUDGEMENT: Your OWN BEHAVIOURS are solely and directly responsible for your condition, and they are also the only things that will have a long-term effect on your recovery.

the WORLD: complete recovery is very likely if you keep doing whatever you're already doing, but don't let everything slide because I've said complete recovery is very likely, because then it won't happen!

ACE WANDS: You need to start moving more, taking more exercise. With this card, you're unlikely to be consistent about a form of activity you don't like, to do something you really enjoy and make a habit of it. Now's a good time to re-establish new exercising habits.

TWO WANDS: Problems with legs, arms, joints. This has come up as a period of time on crutches several times.

THREE WANDS: a need to aim for the future, to have something positive to live for or recover for; listening to the advice of others.

FOUR WANDS: health problems associated with the home: minor household accidents, injuries from doing repairs, cutting your hand on a kitchen knife etc. Has the place been sprayed with toxic chemicals and you now feel unwell? Take more care around the home.

FIVE WANDS: injuries through accidents or even possibly violence. Try and keep away from situations conducive to that, and from aggressive people.

SIX WANDS: Well done! a card of congratulations on your recovery.

SEVEN WANDS: You have more than one medical issue to juggle - it's going to be difficult to make sure you do the best for yourself.

EIGHT WANDS: likelihood of injuries related to speed: slow down in the car, don't cross the road against a red light, don't run down a flight of stairs, if you really MUST go skiing, be extra-careful, all the normal speed-related advice applies.

NINE WANDS: uphill struggle to recover.

TEN WANDS: working yourself into the ground until your mind or body breaks down, workaholism, a desperate need to rest.

PAGE WANDS: You're too busy for your own good, and will wear yourself out later. Do only what you need to do - slow down. Or the birth of a child, 75% likely to be a boy, 25% likely to be a tomboyish girl.

KNIGHT WANDS: likelihood of injuries due to clumsiness, uncoordination or carelessness.

QUEEN WANDS: a need to take control of your own health, motivation to improve things for yourself: taking responsibility for things like exercise and dietary choices.

KING WANDS: Optimism, drive and ambition for the future will help you overcome any health problems you have - if you really value your future, there is nothing you can't change.

ACE SWORDS: the sharpness or the mind is your best defence against health problems, also, training your mind up by study or mind-games like crosswords, sudokus etc, to lessen future mental degeneration with the aging process.

TWO SWORDS: your "inner saboteur", your sense that you're not worthy, is sabotaging your efforts to improve your health: fight back and do it anyway!

THREE SWORDS: clinical depression, but it has come up quite consistently for cardiac health and cardiac surgery. If you are superfit have a heart check anyway - it can be congenital, it doesn't have to be the effect of aging and self-neglect.

FOUR SWORDS: you need time alone or time out of your current situation to rest and recuperate. You probably heal best if people don't fuss over you but leave you in a darkened room with occasional checks. In more severe cases, a potential hospital stay.

FIVE SWORDS: fighting, arguments and tension generally are affecting your health: have your blood pressure taken and a routine examination.

SIX SWORDS: The only way you can really affect your health for the better in any meaningful way, is to remove yourself from whatever situation is causing you such stress.

SEVEN SWORDS: lying to yourself about self-damaging habits.

EIGHT SWORDS: anxiety, fear, limited movement (ie diseases of stiffening, or joint injury).

NINE SWORDS: clinical depression (or the real risk of it).

TEN SWORDS: physical pain rooted or exacerbated by clinical depression.

PAGE SWORDS: problems with vision, learning difficulties, or else just being unwilling to take on board what you've learnt about maintaining your health. Or a birth of a child 75% likely to be a boy, 25% likely to be a tomboyish girl.

KNIGHT SWORDS: Slow down, take precautions, respect speed limits, if you do any sports or work requiring safety equipment take the extra time to check over your safety gear before you get started in order to prevent any nasty little incidents.

QUEEN SWORDS: using the intellect and a strong knowledge-base to fight illness rather than looking for intuitive knowing or relying on luck: taking control of the decision-making about your health yourself instead of blindly following a doctor's advice; establishing study or challenging mental exercises to improve the health of the brain.

KING SWORDS: the advice of a specialist, or of a doctor whose learning you really respect.

ACE CUPS: anything to do with watery systems of the body, everything from kidneys to eyes.

TWO CUPS: problems with paired wet-things: eyes, kidneys, ovaries, whatever.

THREE CUPS: finding creative and unusual ways to deal with health issues: seeking out alternative practitioners.

FOUR CUPS: an indication that having nothing to look forward to is demotivating you from taking steps to aid your own recovery. You need to have something to aim for!

FIVE CUPS: clinical depression.

SIX CUPS: any health issues you have are down to the far past: perhaps a hangover from a childhood illness or injury, or a genetic defect.

SEVEN CUPS: confusion, the "internal saboteur", psychological or emotional issues probably connected with real circumstances in your life.

EIGHT CUPS: the need to break established habits and gain new ones in order to escape an illness.

NINE CUPS: Eat less. Drink less. Move more. Everything that's wrong with you is self-inflicted, directly or indirectly (even a broken leg, in an unhealthy person, takes longer to recover and is more painful).

TEN CUPS: you more than most people, are healthiest when you are happy. If your inner life is well-balanced, your body is almost indestructible.

PAGE CUPS: a pregnancy or birth, 75% likely to be a girl, 25% likely to be a fairly subdued boy.

KNIGHT CUPS: Your current lack of energy is down to having too much fun, drinking too much, perhaps, or staying out late and still setting your alarm early enough to go to work. Stoppit. Pace yourself, and you'll feel a whole lot better.

QUEEN CUPS: the healing solace of an older woman who loves you: grandmother, mother, older friend ...

KING CUPS: spending time with people you love and who love you will relax you and help you recover.

ACE PENTS: possibility of conception, so be careful about contraception.

TWO PENTS: In order to improve your health, you will have to balance what you want for happiness with what you need for optimum health - being good to yourself as well as being nice to yourself. They are not the same things.

THREE PENTS: now is a fabulous time to build on what health you have, establish new, better habits, and really solidify your health for the future.

FOUR PENTS: Hold onto whatever physical resources you have, and take any medications that have been prescribed for you - they will help you.

FIVE PENTS: loss of function in one part of the body or another: don't let it stand, see a professional.

SIX PENTS: a time to rely on the help of others.

SEVEN PENTS: dealing with whatever issues you have seems difficult and frustrating, but if you make the effort you will see good results. Don't give up on your health.

EIGHT PENTS: you really need to research your condition yourself, and make your own informed health decisions.

NINE PENTS: don't be so self-indulgent. Loitering in a garden eating everything in sight will make you fat(ter). You need to move a bit more, get out a bit.

TEN PENTS: the flu or something else contagious sweeping right through your family, group of friends, or community.

PAGE PENTS: a pregnancy or birth, or a child affecting your health: 75% more likely to be a girl.

KNIGHT PENTS: stiffness, difficulty moving.

QUEEN PENTS: be grounded and eat healthy food.

KING PENTS: Treat yourself once in a while, spoil yourself. It will help your mood. Then get back into your good habits.

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This is amazing nisaba :) love it.


<bows> Thank you. I don't mind a bit of appreciation.

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My god this must have taken you a long time to write down.

This is great! I just recently did a reading on a person's health and it was a bit difficult for me, because I haven't done this sort of reading very often. it would have been great to have this to consult for additional advice.

Thanks for sharing this with us Nisaba. :)


jcwirish said:
My god this must have taken you a long time to write down.
The time was an Investment.

Something that was merely a sequence of ideas that evolved over the years, has by spending that half-hour or so, become a Resource.

The ones that fall to the floor are just forgotten.


nisaba said:
The time was an Investment.

Something that was merely a sequence of ideas that evolved over the years, has by spending that half-hour or so, become a Resource.

The ones that fall to the floor are just forgotten.

It really is a wonderful resource. Thanks again!

The crowned one

What did you base this on? How tested and accurate is your system?

I do agree with Star :)


Nisaba where'd you learn all this?! I'll note these meanings as they may come in handy, thanks!


this looks amazing and highly useful. thanks nisaba!

i do have a question though... what cards do you think might deal with mental issues other than depression (since several you wrote indicated that) such as serious anxiety issues, eating disorders, schizophrenia, etc?


The crowned one said:
What did you base this on?
Thirty-odd years of learning and using Tarot (still got a ways to go)

The crowned one said:
How tested and accurate is your system?
Haven't had any negative feedback yet. I get positive feedback from repeat clients, and people who have been referred to me by friends who have been my clients. Best feedback ever was from a guy who travelled hundreds of kilometres and booked overnight accommodation to have a reading with me, because he said I was dead-accurate about predicting that his foot would get run over by a car, and when it would happen.

Er ... perhaps I told him to watch out for the likelihood of vehicle-related injuries at a particular time ...

As to tested, I haven't *quite* had the guts to hand it over to the Men In White Coats for double-blind trials in a sealed lab yet <grin>.

The crowned one said:
I do agree with Star :)

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