No-thingness for why someone stayed with someone....


was doing an ex spread from the spread forum and in position "why he stayed with her" it came up with No-thingness from the Osho Zen taror deck.

the rest of the cards i understand, but i cant understand what this card meant to say?
can anyone with the same deck help? i tried looking under the IDS for this card and it didnt help me.

thanks in advance for anyone who can shed a bit of light on this

While some have said that they felt that No-Thingness represented the absence of an action or move to make, thus becoming complacency in the relationship, or convenience as some felt, I actually feel that No-Thingness was his attempt at looking for a clean slate to start over and create what was desired in the relationship; starting from scratch.
To me, the pitch black of No-Thingness is like a painter's canvas; empty at first, but solely intended to create on and from it what the artist desires. Such is the exact energy of the state of "nothing." You start from nothing, but you build and form something – everything.

One might say that the Rebirth card would be a better bet for this meaning, but here's why it's not: Rebirth to me is a card of deliverance from hardship and/or defeat. No-Thingness is literally starting from nothing and building as you go. Rebirth would say that he stayed because he wanted to work on the issues and grow up and out from them, whereas No-Thingness says that he wanted to forget about the past and start completely anew, devoid of working through any prior issues. Rebirth would actually be a better card for the long run because it shows working through issues, but No-Thingness would probably only repeat these issues down the road again because they were brushed under the rug...

Pam O

I stayed with a boyfriend in high school that I was bored with because I did not want to be with "nothing" AKA "no-thing".

Having the wrong boyfriend felt better than no boyfriend at that time. My dad finally helped me see that I was miserable. I finally let go and broke up....

Maybe this "no-thingness" story helps you decipher your reading?

Note: For anyone not familiar with this card, it is all black, likes void.