Non-equal borders on the Hanson-Roberts deck?


I was studying cards from my recently purchased, printed-in-Italy deck, and noticed that on quite a few cards, the images are not centered on the card, but slightly offset toward the left, making the left border noticeably narrower than the right border. In the most extreme cases, the left border is about half the width of the right border.
Has anyone else observed this? Is this seen only on decks printed in Italy?


I just got my deck out and took a look. It's a Belgian printing, but the graphics are all centered on the cards.


i'm not sure where mine was printed, but they are perfectly centered.


My deck, an original from thirty or so years back (yup, says 1984 on them), seems to have wider borders on the right-hand side as I look at it for the majority of the cards. The 'to all believers' card is more centered.


that is why printers like to give cards borders, so there is some float space without clipping something from the image. You can call the publisher (US games?) and ask for another deck.