Nostalgia strikes


When I was a kid (way back when) my wonderful stepfather realized that I was not like other kids, a little strange and unusual I call it, he called it fae. *shrugs* Be that as it may, he had given me some wonderful gifts growing up.
One of them being Brian Frouds Faeries. Now who knows what ever happened to that book, (I believe it fell victim to my ex husband who was forever telling me to act my age). Anyway, my beloved book has been missing for some years now and I had seen that Froud has published a 25th anniversary edition.
My finger was on the button to "add to shopping cart" when a thought struck me...or perhaps it was faerie guidence... 'check Ebay' said the inner voice. So I listened and I did check Ebay ;)

Low and behold was a mint condition 1st Edition Faeries!!!! all mine for taking :D And take it I did!! I had to wait for two days for end of auction but I won!!! All for a mere 13 dollars :D:D:D

I have been hording my Faeries all to myself for a week now, and I am sure I was nudged in that direction because I have been sadly neglecting them. They also nudged me into finding another lost favorite book that dear old dad gave me, so in the same week I not only have been reunited with my Faeries by I was reunited with Gnomes too!!

What does that mean anyway...acting your age...I thought I was ;)


The 6 of Cups is one of my favorite cards, I connect it with things like this.

Such books, to me, are like time machines or cruise ships(never been on a cruise ship though) that take you away for a little while to a beautiful place -- not just the books but all of the memories connected and attached. I'll always be 25, even on my deathbed. :)


Hehe...My dad says I will always be 12, I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

In getting that little nudge to go back in my time machine, it had also promted me to play with my poor neglected faeries again.
I am thinking aobut even doing the Daily Fae post...:)


Daily Fae post!?

Are you going to read a card for people? :D ;)

Me please!

Maj, well done you! How about sprinkling some of that Fae dust my way eh?


Majecot, how wonderful to find that Faeries book for such a great price! The faeries were watching out for you, I'm so glad you listened to the nudge.

I was given the faeries book years before I knew about the oracle cards. Now I use them every day.


It was very exciting!! I watched for the mail man every day till it came, my Faeries and Gnomes came on the same day. I was jumping up and down, and my brother in law was over and just shook his head at me. Some people just do not get the connection I guess.

I am going to start listening to those faerie nudges a little closer now...and I plan to get to know my deck!! Moonbow* simma down now girl.. I just un-earthed

I haven't had time yet but since I have three days off this week end I plan to read the book has been ever-so-long a time since I have last seen it. But thumbing through it I have recognized some all too familar faces.
It almost feels like coming home :)


GREAT story, Majecot! (thank you for sharing with us!)
SO happy for you about your Faeries and Gnomes!
( way ta' go!!!)