Not putting things together


When doing readings, I do okay with the abstract, but I am struggling with connecting them to real life. For example, last night I did a spread for my hub, Ken, (first time I've read for someone else in years) and the cards really nailed a lot of things in the past, and what's ahead for him in his job. But I got flustered when it came to the Queen of Swords. Who was this sharp-tounged, soft-hearted divorced woman, and why was she in his life???
I fumbled around, drew a few more cards to clarify who she was, (Ace of Swords R, Knight of Wands R, seven of cups R) and still had no clue. Finally, he said, "Oh, your sister is going to get more involved with us now that she *finally* divorced (insert her immature, cheating jerk ex-husband's name here) . "
Sigh. It made me want to just give him all my cards, and say, "here, you do it."
So, is that usual, do querents sometimes see things you don't?
Are there any tricks to connect real life stuff with the abstract?
Should I just give him all my cards and take up chess? LOL
(Aside from, yes I know, practice, practice, practice. :D)


LOL, poor you.
I think often the querents do have a better idea about applying it to their life. I like my querent to take an active part in the reading, so I often ask them questions. For example, in your case. "I'm seeing someone in your life, who is divorced etc, etc, Do you have any idea who this might be? Yes, well the cards are saying you need to do this
I see tarot redings as two people taking the journey together, the power and communication is equal, shared. Everyone has a different way of reading though!


I do this all the time! Its easier to do when the querent knows what to expect from you: My friends all know how I read, so they know I will be asking them what they interpret it as...

I find that I am usually not in any place to say what is going on in th equerent's life... They know more about it than I do! Usually, I end up getting a few cards which have many possible meanings to, but which I cannot quite work out which one is correct... SO I ask the querent.

Often I also ask them to read from teh pictures they see... Its amazing how much people can glean from pictures, even if they've never read Traot cards before! This almost always helps immensely...

There seems to be some sort of taboo going around the non-Tarot reading world, esp. around teh sceptics world, saying that if a Tarot reader asks the querent what they think, the Tarot reader is 'cheating'... *Sigh* Ah well.



Ohh, I can really relate to that - now I've only ever done readings for myself, so nobody has ever been there to see what I don't, I just get stuck amd sit there staring at THAT card that seems to ruin the whole structure for me! Why did you have to come out HERE?? I argue with the card, but it just refuses to answer me (rude isn't it... I guess that's the card thinking I'm so stupid I'm not even worthy of a answer... :D

No, seriously - this happens, and I'd imagine reading for someone else isn't necessarily about telling someone else what's going on in their life, but rather you using your knowledge about the cards to help the other person relate to his or her life, using the cards as a tool. You know the cards, sure, but you can't possibly know everything that goes on in somebody elses life, can you?

(In your case, maybe you got stuck on the fact there was someone in your hubbys life that you couldn't figure out who it was, ans what she was doing there - sort of like a downwards spiral, the more you think about it the more stuck you get, and the less you get out of it, and the more you will have to think about it...!)

That's why you're both there to participate, right? Online readings will, for this same reason, always be more general than face-to-face-readings, it's just a whole different ball game!

So don't be ashamed for asking the querent, as for me (who has actually never been to a reader and had a reading done for me - is that odd...?) I think I'd feel a lot more connected with a reader who asks questions, and involves me in the reading, than in one who just tells me what she thinks and that's that...!

Light and love,
Jenny :)


I agree with all of these replies, and just want to say that i represent The Queen of Swords as "Mother" the querent's mother whenever i read and this card comes up 8 times out of 10 it usually represents their mother.
But that is what it is for me it may not be for others

Good luck





oh yes, definitely. often i say things that make absolutely no sense to me but the querent is sitting there nodding their head.

also remember that sometimes the court cards aren't a person......but an energy brought to a situation.

in light,

ps yes, and practise, practise, practise


This replies are making a lot of sense to me. :)

In this case, I really felt it was a person, and that they had some of the traditional aspects of this card. (My sister has always had a very sarcastic, sharp wit, is very warm hearted, very capable, and in the last year has overcome problems that seemed impossible.)

I think I also need to relax more when I'm doing a reading, even though it was (only) for Ken, I was very anxious to do a good job, and I think that also added to the downward spiral of confusion...LOL



Abstract is fine?sometimes it is great to let the querent fill in the gaps.

(You have to go to ?talking tarot? and find the thread ?Umbrae goes on a rant about LWB?, I use the Queen of Swords as an example (also hunt down ?not too serious meanings of cards? in (reading tarot)).

Traditionally the Queen of Swords has always had negative connotations, but it does not have to!

For you to come to the realization (the frustration) that made you post this thread, means one thing?you are learning. If you can recognize that you are human, you are learning!

I recommend going to the Forklift Festival this weekend, and have some Dixie?s.