Numbers of Tarot


Whoever or whatever created Tarot was undoubtedly a mathematician, a philosopher with profound knowledge of religion, and an astrologist with insightful understanding of operation of our universe. Take the numbers of, 1, 7, 11, 22, and pi, which are embedded so eloquently in the design of tarot, and start to wonder if these are mere coincidences or a blueprint of something even greater.

There are 4 suits and four-court cart in each deck.
There are 22 major cards.
There are 78 cards in each deck when added across
7+8=15 and 22-15=7 is embedded in the design.
22+7=29 and when add across, 2+9=11 embedded.
7+4=11 is embedded.
2*11=22 or 11+11= 22 embedded.
22/7 = pi embedded into.

Now take 11+11 and align them side-by-side such as 1111, now add them across, 1+1+1+1= 4. Take 22 and add them across, 2+2= 4 and you will get 4 once more. This property is amazing and as far as I know there are no other numbers like this.

1 is the number of unity in which all other numbers are embedded. All the numbers rational or irrational are a multiplier of 1, 1*4= 4 or 1*7 = 7, as examples.

Of course those that know tarot, understand that the 4 ones and 4 in general in tarot, represents the water, fire, air, and earth. Our word also has 4 corners, and there are 4 seasons in a year and according to Dr. Jung, dreaming of a 4 reflects the growth of unconscious mind. As a Moslem born I also know that 4 is the number of letters that Allah dictate to the prophet Mohammad when He ?spoke? to his last prophet for the first time.

7 according to Crowley in 777, is the holist and most perfect of all numbers. Kabala, the Jewish magnum opus philosophical work, has 7 planes, 7 palaces and 22 paths. 7, also is the number of letters of the first word in the Bible, BRAShITH (Sh is one letter), ?In the beginning?. IHVH, which in Hebrew is pronounced as ?Jehovah?, is made of 4 letters but it is pronounced with 7 sounds. This is probably why in ?Supra ritual? it says that 4 = 7. Our bodies and minds also go into 7 years cycles of renewal.

And finally pi is the most mysterious irrational number of all time that has baffled and inspired mathematician during all ages. The fact is no matter how large or small a circle is, from the wheel of a broken toy car to the complex whole Universe itself, if the circumference of such a circle is divided by its diameter, the result is always a constant number called pi. In Tarot 22 major cards divided by 7, the perfect prime number will result to pi within 7 places of zero.

My point from all these is the reality that tarot has mathematical structure entrenched within, so made up ideas about spreading and reading not recommended.
Tarot because of its particularity woven in would lose its perfect balance and coherence when is misused by disregarding its proper steps of extraction. There is no doubt in my mind that tarot has a Semitic and Middle Eastern root with purpose embedded in its design, and the only way of its full realization is its proper use and with accordance of what its founders had intended to.

In a society that fast food, faster pace of living with shorter attention span has become a way of life, it is obvious that creating quick answers are more desirable than slow thoughtful elucidations. However, these kinds of answers are empty of the spirit of Tarot and only accidental synchronizations. Tarot can be a car that you either can sit inside, view the static surroundings, and pretend of driving it around, which is much easier and does not need any technique, or you actually can try to go through the pain of learning the manuals and training to understand how to operate it in order to experience the true dynamic interaction of panorama.


Mehrdad...Good call.
Ya know most folks get hung up on a regular deck of playing cards.
Four suits, four elements, four seasons. 52 cards, 52 weeks.
Duality of the universe, red and black.
Number of pips on the 40 numbered cards: 220
Number of court cards: 12
The 12 court cards counted as ten each: 120
The 13 cards in each suit: 13
Total: 365
There are 13 lunar months in a year, thirteen weeks in each quarter, and 12 colander months as a whole.
There are 12 court cards in a deck representing the 12 followers or supporters: 12 Apostles (+J.C.), 12 tribes of Israel (+Jacob), Robin Hood and his 12 Men, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 members of a hung jury, 12 gods on Mount Olympus, 12 slices in a perfect orange.
13 is huge in astrology, religion.
3 court cards represent the trinity, Christianity, Egyptian, Celtic religions all share this number.
40 numbered cards: 40 days and 40 nights. Moses and 40 days on Mt. Sinai. Elijah and 40 days of solitude. JC fasted for 40 days in the desert. Jerusalem was destroyed 40 years after the ascension.
40 weeks to have a baby.
And sleep 40 winks.
However you have done a fine job with the mathematics involved in the basic Tarot. Good Job!


Mehrdad: Welcome back!! & I echo Umbrae's comments. Lots of intriguing material there to peruse & study.
Umbrae: Ditto for your comments.
Thank you both!



Very interesting and insightful materials and I thank you for presenting it since I did not know most of it. I think there is a special sensitivity about number 12 in man's consciousness. There is 12 month in a year; there are two 12 hours in a day. Clock has 12 hours. 12 houses of Zodiac divide all heaven (Virgo, Libra?). Jesus had 12 apostles.
In Hindu religion, Greeks, Romans, Mesopotamians, Egyptian, Incas, Aztecs they all had 12 principal gods. The "Day" of the Lord Brahma is comprised of 12 million divas (divine days). 12 tribes followed Moses out of Egypt. In Pyramids (Tikal's pyramids) there are a total of 12 doorways. When I looked at your post I also noticed that if we add 52 horizontally, 5+2 = 7 and for number 13 when 1+3 = 4, the combination of 7 and 4 is all over this divinity.

I thank you again for giving me a new dimension to view and expand my knowledge about this.


Dear MeeWah,

Thank you for kind words. Even though I might not post in here very often but I have always tried to read others and especially your posts, which are very wise and insightful. Six months ago a strange vision about "Jehovah" (at that time I had no idea who He was) brought me to this site looking for answers, and thanks to you and many others in this group, I am slowly starting to realize those answers. I have changed a lot and I feel that I am evolving spiritually and mentally in a good way. Thanks again.


Diana, beautifully written, almost poetic. Speaks completely to me of my truth.
This is such a thought provoking conversation. Thank you for all of your views and insights. May the spirit of sharing, respecting each others truth and learning together continue (fingers crossed).
It does make me think that tarot has come a long way from it's humble beginnings. I won't even pretend to know the history of tarot, but it has undeniably been utilised by academic and non-academic alike. I hope it always stays that way, I'd hate for it to become exclusionary.


I don?t want to respond. I will get in trouble.
Well said Diana, and Mehrdad.
Numbers are fun. Mehrdad?Hunt down my post on ?9 of Pentacles and the snail?.
Linear space and time is a sensible human invention.
A calendar is not the same as seasons, the sun, or the moon. Just as a measuring stick is not a journey.
Cards have changed over the last 100 years. The Golden Dawn boys got ahold of them and changed their art work to fit with their nice defined world-view.
Back before that they changed the calendar.
One of my favorite movies is PI.
I have spent years watching folks smash their heads against the walls of Wall Street because the Binary Waves, Elliott Waves, Gann Theory, Fibonacci Sequence (I could go on)?work in a theoretical sense, but not in a real sense.
The Tarot work.
In a real sense. They will bend to your sway.
Although numbers are fun, they deceive (you can't package or explain the look in a baby's eyes...The Mystery).


Dear Diana

Nicely said, I enjoy a good reading even if it does not agree with my philosophy. Surely I am not imposing that people should do Tarot in one way or another since I am hardly an expert on Tarot. Until just six months ago, I went through life and its ups and downs without knowing what Tarot was. So, I am nobody as far as Tarot is concerned, and in no way I want to create the impression of giving prescription about how to use this divinity. However, I have a good understanding about mathematics and philosophy as far as a novice can go and according to what I understand, Tarot is a lot more than flipping a coin to extract heads and tails by chance.

I experienced Tarot for the first time when I received a Crowley pack as a present three days before the September 11 terrorist act. On September 10 the night before the great tragedy and while the Tarot cards were under my pillow, I had a vision, which in some ways forecasted the coming calamity in the next day. Being almost an atheist and non-believer as far as religions and divinities such as Tarot and dreaming is concerned, I started to grow a conflict within myself in which I could not resolve such a strange experience within my own believe system. After that date the series of dreams followed triangulating my dreams with Tarot and the actual coming events.

To end my agony I tried to get help from a source outside myself, so I started to search the Internet for answers. Only by accident and the savvyness of a search engine I found this site. In here many thoughtful individuals including MeeWah gave me good advise and recommended several books which I found extremely helpful toward my quest. While searching and reading I have also grown as a moral thinking being and I see more of a thing than I used to.

My purpose of this story is to crystallize the fact that according to my own experience, there are forces that act outside of the realm of coincidences and chance. If by flipping a coin you exercise the 50% probability of receiving a head or a tail the method of how to drop the coin is your calling, but the method of reading Tarot cannot be yours. Dropping a coin does not have a system or philosophy as Tarot has so the way to utilize and read Tarot, by the law of causality, cannot be yours. Tarot has a unique structure formed for a purpose but a coin was not created for tossing. A coin flipping does not have a solid philosophy behind it, such as kabala, and it is only by chance that if you ask a ?yes? or ?no? question and then flip a coin it would result into a valid answer.

Tarot is also a way of life, a vessel that carries you to a higher ground to facilitate your communion to elevated forces of control. If one adapts to a belief system such as Christianity, can this individual create the rules of this religion according to his/her liking? I do not believe so. If we cannot adapt a religion to our own liking then Tarot being a structured well designed system of divinity should not be used as such either.

I think what happened to me was an initialization an invitation to something much greater than myself but not an answer. Since an answer without the experience is worth nothing. You might spread Tarot any way you like and you also might get a mumbling answer by some chance but what you gain by this interaction. In my opinion there is nothing to be learned from these isolated events and there is nothing to build upon. Instead of Tarot you could have used a coin, an intuition or whether you passed under a ladder or not and still get the correct answer for your question.

Learning comes from anguish, training, studying, and meditating in following an assigned pass, since without all these there might be answers but never knowledge and wisdom.