Obsydian's Divine Feline Spread


So I thought I'd share a couple of spreads I created! Some of you may have already played with my Ready To Pounce over on Tumblr. This is the extended version I created for my shop. Please do not reproduce it or use it for profit anywhere else, it's here for your own personal enjoyment. :) I'd love to see others try it.


1. Prey: This is where you should aim and you should make this your future goal.
2. Eyes: This is where you currently aim. It may be different than your goal, so learn from it and move on.
3. Heart: What does my heart need to hear? A message to use in your current situation. This could include emotional blockages or your inner potential.
4. Legs: This will propel you towards your prey. This is one of the biggest things you must use to reach your goal. This is your strength.
5. This is your support, to keep you balanced. It’ll be really hard to get your prey without balance, so use this as advice to keep that balance.