October Day spread


This "spread" uses some of the lines from Rilke's poem. You could react to the poem with your own ideas about what the position meaning for that line is.

I'm sure there are many other poems that could be used for spread positions. Please leave suggestions!

You can put the card back in the deck after you've picked it so you are always picking from a full deck or not, as you please. I said the words of the poem out loud as I lay down the cards.

1. Lord, it's time.... This card is about the present, what's going on in your soul right now.

2. The huge summer has gone by.... A card about what you have created in the recent past.

3. lay Your shadow on the sundial.... How do you feel about how far you've come? What is finished and what is unfinished?

4. And let the wind loose in the field....what needs to be scattered or dispersed in your life or in your thoughts?

5. Who now is alone will stay alone.... Whether you are solitary or partnered, this card is about who you are at the bone and about how solitude could benefit you at this time.

6. Will wake, read, write long letters.... A card about how tarot, journaling and other reflective pursuits can benefit you, and what might be revealed.

7. And wander restless in narrow streets where leaves blow. A card to keep you company in your wanderings.


This is really lovely. I read part of this poem aloud the past two years at my Autumn Equinox rituals. Will definitely try this spread :)