Odd combination of angel cards [emoji848]


So my question was;

" may I have a daily romance reading for today please?."

Deck using healing with the angels oracle cards.

Spread - No set messages as it's just a daily
Romance reading.


Support - God and the angels and the ascended masters who love and protect you are watching over you right now. You are not alone.

Main spread

Romance - The angels are addressing and additions you with your romantic needs ask for help and accept the angles help with your love life.

Nature - Spending time in nature alone is important for you. Even five minutes in a garden would be healing for you right now.
(I Saw a little robin Monday & Tuesday in our Garden so I wonder if this has anything to do with it).

Blessings - God and the angles are helping you right now continue to ask for their help and then accept it when it comes.


My take on the reading;

I feel support is suggesting that the angels/universe have heard my cries for a romantic partner from the other night when I opened up the window and yelled at them and let it all out.

I feel there's suggesting that there here and there giving me support that I need in order for me to get to the stows that I desire.

Romance - I feel is backing up my theory, I feel this is my angles or the universes way of suggesting that romance is coming to me but perhaps I need to get out and enjoy myself a little bit more even if it is as simple as sitting in the garden watching the birds ( nature). I feel the end card is suggesting that my guides or angles etc are sending me signs through nature of their blessings that romance will come to me soon such as robins etc etc.