Odd Historical Circle ~ June 2017


Dear lovers of historical decks,

It's time for another Odd Historical Deck Exchange! This is a place for those of us who have historical decks that don't fit in the TdM format and thus haven't been out to play for a while. :)

For this round, no TdMs are allowed! Decks that qualify are:

- any Etteilla deck, including Esoteric Ancient and Dame Fortune's Wheel
- Sola Busca
- Vacchetta/Tarot of the Master
- Minchiate
- Jeu de Tarot/playing Tarot (e.g. Alan Tarot)
- Mantegna
- Egipcios Kier
- Saint-Germain Egyptian Tarot
- Cary-Yale Visconti
- Wirth and Wirth-based decks, including Lasenikuv
- decks based on Eudes Picard's designs (Crystal Tarots (Trevisan), Universal Wirth)

If you have any other odd historical decks you think would be fitting here, please let me know. :)

- Sign-up is CLOSED
- Sign-up closes and reading partners to be assigned on: 10th June
- Reading and feedback to be completed by: 30th June
Note: Please PM me and your partner if you expect to be late with your exchange, and an extension of time will be set. Otherwise, unfortunately, you'll earn a strike!

Sign-up list

Partners list
AnemoneRosie & mrpants - Complete! :royal:
csmith0406 & nisaba - Complete! :royal:

The suggested spread for this exchange is:

The Four Aces spread


1 - Ace of Swords - What's your biggest problem?
2 - Ace of Wands - What's your biggest talent?
3 - Ace of Coins - What's your biggest resource?
4 - Ace of Cups - What's your biggest joy?

Note: the Aces only give names to the positions, you will actually need to draw 4 random cards from the whole deck for the spread. :)

The above interpretations of the Aces' energy are not the only possible ones. For an extra challenge, you can start by deciding what qualities the four Aces embody to you.

You are also free to choose your own spreads, with a minimum of three cards.

The Reading Exchange posting rules apply as usual.

If anybody has a problem completing their reading or feedback, please please please get in touch with your reading partner and myself. It's not nice to be left hanging in an exchange - and whoever is NOT completing an exchange he or she signed up for (and especially fails to communicate about it) will not be allowed to sign up again until it is completed - and in worst case even risks a three months ban from all reading exchanges.

If there should be any problems, feel free to contact me and I will try to sort it out, with the help of another moderator if necessary.

Wishing everyone a happy exchange! :party:


I'm in! Thanks.


My decks dont qualify. Sitting out therefore. Shall await the TdM exchange!!

All the best to the sitters !!


This one's my favourite! I'm in :)


Here! Present-and-correct!


Can we use the Budapest??

(eta: I'm in, regardless :) )


Welcome everyone! :D

pacificwaters, there will be a TdM exchange next month, so see you there! ;)

mrpants, Budapest Tarot seems to be eligible for the TdM Circle (correct me if I'm wrong!): 78 cards, regular Trumps, regular Minors, with only the images being unique. For the same reason, Tarot de Flamand/Vandenborre and Vieville qualify for the TdM Circle (and don't qualify here).