Oh Dear... Annoyed Faeries...


I made the mistake of leaving my poor Faeries in their box for quite a long time. Last night I finally got back to them and the first card to confront me on the subject was Honesty, with such a wounded look in his wide eyes... "but... but... where have you BEEN?"
I promptly had the feeling of being clamored at "Hey, pay attention to MEEEEE!" by every single Fae in the deck at the top of their lungs. It was both touching and unnerving. Plainly they were glad to have me back, and plainly they had been plotting in my abscence.

I spent a while sorting through the deck until they calmed down, then I decided to redo the beginning exercises from the book.

My most appealing card this time was The Sage. He's really quite beautiful if you look at him right, and he's so many things at once, which is what I'm trying to be.

Least appealing was the Faeries of the Future. Clashy and confusing, and my own future is scaring the daylights out of me right now.

And here's the part that caught ME off guard but probably shouldn't, all things considered...

My message card was Gawtcha. I must admit this makes me nervous. Apparently peace and quiet is NOT in the offing right now. I am going to be pounced on AGAIN by who-knows-what.

I am being mobbed, I tell you. The Faeries have announced their intention NEVER to be ignored again. I'm thinking I'd best not upset them...


I go through phases where I work with the Faeries often, and then not at all for days on end.

Mostly, they seem to tolerate my occasional absences, as I often turn to this deck when I want "plain answers". Maybe knowing I keep them aside for "special" questions makes them feel rare and privileged ... They should. ;)


A MOB of Faeries .....That could get dangerous. :D

Yes they love to come out and play.
When I saw you picked Gawtcha I laughed because the faeries are playing a joke on you...
They Gawtcha now!!!!

I keep mine happy by picking one everyday and setting him/her/them out in a little clear display frame.
Right on my computer desk where I can see them all day.

They decide who comes out for the day...
G. Hobyah came out today.
I wonder what imaginary fear he wants to tease me with today?