Olympic Tarot (2) - a first story


Gaia (= Earth) married Uranos (= Heaven).

Their first kids were the 3 Cyclopes (with one eye each) and 3 other strange figures with "100 arms" (Hecatonchiren).

All this looked a little strange.

Then it seems, that they got 6 daughters first (Rhea was the oldest) and then 6 sons (Kronos was the youngest). These were called the Titans.

As there were not many persons, who could marry, the Gaia-Uranos-daughters married usually Gaia-Uranos-sons.

Rhea (oldest - a sort of "second earth"
Kronos (youngest - a sort of "second heaven")

Theia (probably meant as second oldest - Theia means "light")
Hyperion (probably meant as second youngest - Hyperion seems to mean "man in the moon or something like this)

Themis (probably meant as 3rd oldest - means Justice)
married not Krios, but Zeus
Krios (probably meant as 3rd youngest - meaning is unclear, probably something like "motion")
married not Themis, but Eurybia, a Gaia-daughter from Pontos (= "Ocean, Water")

Mnemosyne (probably meant as 4th oldest - means rememberance)
married not Iapetos, but Zeus
Iapetos (probably meant as 4th youngest - meaning is unclear, but presents "humanity")
married not Mnemosyne, but Asia (= Asia), which means somehow, that "humanity" invaded from Asia.

Phoibe (probably 5th oldest)
Koios (probably 5th youngest)
both somehow responsible for the "female element"

Tethys (youngest daughter)
Oceanos (oldest son)
both present the ocean and all water and the limitless world

With that Gaia and Uranos had 18 children and the universe thought, that this is enough. Gaia, not happy with her husband, caused Kronos, her youngest son, to cut the genital of Uranos. Stop with the production, system is closed now - this is the message.

1. first Cyclope
2. second Cyclope
3. third Cyclope

1. first "100 arms"
2. second "100 arms"
3. third "100 arms"

1. Rhea - oldest daughter
2. Theia
3. Themis
4. Memnosyne
5. Phoibe
6. Tethys

6. Oceanos - oldest son
5. Koios
4. Iapetos
3. Krios
2. Hyperion
1. Kronos

Well a closed system with 18 elements - somehow a Tarot. Paint the figures on a card-deck and you've a Tarot. But they are figures in a head of a poet some thousands of years ago.

The poet was not ready ... The genital of Uranos fell in the ocean, the result was Aphrodite: a 19th element in the Tarot of the poet.
Some drops of the blood fell on the earh, the result were the 3 Erinyen: Element Nr. 20 + Nr. 21 + Nr. 22.

The Erinyen ask for revenge (for the father Uranos). Aphrodite is for love: she proceeds with the game of the mother (Gaia).

22 elements: A Tarot.

The "Standard Tarot" - so as we do know it, with 22 elements - has been merged once with the system of Sepher Yezirah. Sepher Yetzirah knew 3 mothers (elements), 7 doubled (planets) and 12 simple (zodiac) and here you have it:

3 mothers = 3 Erinyen
7 doubled = 3 Cyclopes + 3 "100 arms" + Aphrodite
12 simple = 12 Titans

And know we arrange that all in a life-tree-scheme:

------------ URANOS = HEAVEN ----------
----------------- 3 Erinyen ------------------
3 "100 arms" ------------- 3 Cyclopes


2 Titans ------------------------- 2 Titans
Krios / Themis ------------- Kronos / Rhea

----------------- 2 Titans --------------------
-------------- Hyperion/Theia --------------

2 Titans ------------------------- 2 Titans
Oceanos/Tethys -- Iapetos /Mnemosyne

----------------- 2 Titans --------------------
-------------- Koios / Phoibe ---------------


----------------- Aphrodite -------------------
-------------- GAIA = EARTH -----------------

And that's the OLYMPIC TAROT .... well, it's only the start of it. A lot of subtilities are in it. And other things will follow.

Huck (based on earlier researches of autorbis)