One Card Daily: Ten of Swords


The question I ask for my daily card is "What should I look for today?" in the sense of opportunities and outlook.

I drew the Ten of Swords this morning... and then, despite fearing the worst, had a truly spectacular day. Possibly my best day in a long time. Everything went great.

I spent some time this evening researching different meanings for the card, and found a few people referencing the idea of over thinking something to no real end (which, in all honesty, I've been doing a lot of lately), and that the card could potentially mean getting past that. So maybe the card was telling me to look for opportunities to quiet my mind and just let things happen? I'm really not sure.

Would love to hear people's thoughts!

ETA: I was just thinking, and I know the card is often connected with melodrama and martyrdom... could it maybe have been a warning to be avoid turning small things into big issues? I've been reflecting, and there were several times when I was a bit bothered by something that I might often dwell on, but managed to set it aside and just be happy anyway--despite not knowing about this meaning for the card.


Hi Chimerical - I think your interpretation is largely correct. It's always a bit unnerving when this card comes up, and it's puzzling for a daily 'what's happening' especially when there is no obvious sturm und drang in your life. I would say rather than potentially going about the day in terror of drama/disaster, that it may be cautioning against negative or fatalistic thinking. The fact that you were able to put aside potential worries which then faded to nothing is indicative of your success in following this indication!