One to Address ALL of Your Spirit Guides


I got into numerology a few months back, and the number 7 always used to show up. As long as i rememeber, 7 was always my first pick number. The Chariot (VII) came down.. I laughed. Also, when doing this spread - I really, really felt the presence of people standing next to me. It was rather strong. I greeted them, first card that came down was Death. I wasn''t shocked at all.. he isn't bad though. Thanks for this spread! Definitly writing it down


I never did finish this reading.. I started it two years ago. sheesh. thanks for the bump.


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Oh, woops.. I didnt realize this thread was that old. Anyways useful spread to bump I would say. :p

My last post (and this) is on page 7, Haha!


i know this threads quite old, but im new and have just tried it out.
it was amazing :)
but more shocking is it said i have 20 spirit guides!!!! :eek: this was confirmed with yes/no spread with 2 aces.
only one wanted to communicate though - again confirmed with yes/no with magician and ace.

20 spirit guides?!?!?!

wow.... haha


I tried this spread out and I really enjoyed it. When I first started to shuffle the Fool popped out. I stared at it before putting it back in and shuffling again, thinking, "nope, not going to get off that easy, guys." Then 3 of P, R, came out and the first guide I talked to was the Q of W, R. I had a feeling like she was annoyed and grumpy and was just talking to me to get it over with, lol. Like, "Ugh, fine. Let's get this over with."


Will definitely try the spread and post it! Apparently I have 11 guides? I pulled the Page of Swords for Q1 (prior to pulling this card, I decided that court cards are numbered) and using the Yes/No spread, I got three Aces and the Magician so that's a strong Yes apparently. 😅 (Being a pessimistic person I am, I pulled another card and I got Justice, though it was numbered eight in my wildwood. Another yes still)

And when I asked how many wanted to talk to me, I got the World. My gut went "All of them?!" but would maybe reduce it to three (2+1) of whom have the most pressing message right now.

Thank you for the fabulous spread!


Do folks think it'd be good for kind of STARTING working with spirit guides? Like to get a feel for what you've got to start? Or is it more of a 'once you're kind of familiar' kind of thing? It's something I've been feeling the urge to explore lately and this spread seems like a good start for me, but I figured I'd ask.

Thanks for posting!


I gave this spread a go the other day and found out I have 13 and ALL of them wanted to speak to me! Lol my first foray into tarot and my guides all have something to say lol.
I already knew a few of my guides so I used this as a opportunity to get to know them better and also meet the others for the first time. So I guess if you feel this is a spread you can work with go for it :D
:heart: Fee

Glass Owl

This has become my go-to spread for spirit guides. Thank you!