Okay I admit it I thought you were all crazy . just letting your imaginations run amuck. Fae talking to you? Riiiiiight does Elvis say anything? Then something happened.. I Started listening. and in less than a week I have seeen evidence of them around me. first the world tilted and i started looking at things a bit different... Then giggles would escape. LOL Then yesterday my son proved it. He is 2 and is the biggest mischeif maker i have seen yet. he got up at 6 am. UGH then i walked through the ho0use to babyproof it for the AM. Maybe 1-2 minutes was all. and in that time the little imp climbed n top of the stove sorted through my bag of various tarot stuff dug way down deep in the bottom and found The FAe.. I think they were tempting him and calling him. LOL anyway after he dug through the whole bag at warp speed he climbed up on the couch with them and let it rain Faeries. I wanted to yell at him. i mean ACK! my cards and i opened my mouth and something strange happened... I laughed with him. I took the cards away but couldn't blame him for wanting to play with them. I mean *I *want to play with them and i'm a big girl. So there you have it. an apology for me thinking you were all nuts. now i know that you all are as sane as me and much quicker on the uptake. LOL


LOL Yes, the fae are sooooo good at that! My son, who is now 7, loves the fae in all forms. His favorite Faeries Oracle card is The Friends. I used to have the deck, then gave it away. Now I want it again! But I'll have to get two decks, one for my son and one for myself!

Yup, they talk. We are not insane, as evidenced by the large number of people who experience it.

Speaking of.... anyone else notice the tangles in their hair? When I'm actively working with the fae I wake up with tangles in my hair. When I'm not working with them, no tangles...


further proof

Today my darling daughter colored picture after picture of the fae. LOL i know they are around. so once again please forgive me for doubting your sanity. i should know by know that just because i can't see it doen't mean it isn't there.



Ahhh .... feels so wonderful to be exonerated!!

Welcome to the land of Faery - may your travels be joyous and your burdens light.



Don't worry Tarotgirl, I felt the same way about a month ago when I first got the deck... somewhere between thinking everyone was nuts to think faeries were real (even Brian and Jessica who say so in the deck's book) and between being scared they could be right.

Kind of messed a bit with my sense of reality, and that kind of thing makes me uncomfortable. Which in the end likely needed some shaking up. LOL

We do tend to live in a world that thinks anyone who believes is nuts. The faeries have told me on more than one occasion already in the short time I know them that I need to stop taking what others, the world....tells me as fact without first examining for myself if they are facts or not. They have made me realize that in many ways I AM living an unexamined life and it's time to start correcting that, for me. And by now the faeries have shown me they exist in so many ways and it's been a beautiful thing and I am glad.

Me too, when I started to see so many other people having similar experiences to me I figured out it had to be real, both here and on Brian's bb at:

[link removed by moderator]

Some things in life you just have to suspend your disbelief and try to have faith. Once the faith is there you will see all kinds of things you never could have otherwise and that those who cannot suspend it will never see of enjoy. :-D Poor them!

And btw, welcome to the club. :) You and I are just at the beginning of this journey. I can hardly know where it will lead, but I know it is a very healing deck for me it will lead me in directions I have not yet even begun to imagine. I am very much excited and looking forward to seeing in which direction the faeries will help take my life. Bet you are too.:)

And as for the faeries calling to your son, I totally believe that. I know you are meant to work with this deck. To really work with it you need to trust and believe in it. And if that is what it took for you to believe, then the universe sent your son a message to help you learn. I really believe in that, the universe does send us messages to set us on a path when we are meant to follow it. :) And your son is likely to learn a lot of valuable lessons along the way too now from your path. :)



My daughter loves the faerie cards. She always calls them the weasel cards because the topsy turvets on the back of the cards look a bit like our pet ferret.