Opinions on reading


Hi all! I'm new here and am hoping to get some input on a spread. My question was simply "What will happen between me and x" and I used the CC. Here is the spread and my interpretation.

Heart of the Matter: 4 Pentacles
Keeping a close guard on my feelings, defensiveness, afraid to open up emotionally to him

Crossing: Knight of Wands
Him. Passionate, exciting, fun. Movement (forward perhaps?)

Root Cause: Queen of Pentacles
Me. Wanting us to finally arrive at the decision to nurture the relationship.

Recent Past: 6 Pentacles
The having and not having a relationship. We were never on the same page and the same time.

Possible Outcome: Knight of Cups
I'm a little stumped here because I'm not sure if this is indicates an actual person or the situation. Possible good news or a committed relationship with respect to x? Being "swept off my feet" by someone else?

Immediate Future: The World
The card of completion. Accomplishing goals, fulfillment, achieving my heart's desire

Me: 4 Swords
A feeling of being disconnected. A need for some quiet time alone.

Environment: 5 Wands
A disagreement that damaged our relationship. Conflicting feelings about each other and the situation. Perhaps "competition" for his attention and affection.

Hopes and Fears: 3 Cups
Love and support, friendship, celebration, possible reunion

Outcome: 6 Cups
Emotional security and contentment, being open with one another. Nostalgia. Looking back when I should look ahead and move on.

Anyone care to add their thoughts and interpretation? I'm still fairly new to tarot and would welcome any and all input/guidance.