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Welcome to Oracles! This forum is dedicated to discussions of Oracle decks and how to use them. In this forum members are free to discuss their personal Oracle decks and may post links (including to their Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and/or personal sites) to exhibit their decks.

If you would like to post your oracle card readings or participate in reading exchanges please do so in the Oracle Readings forum.

Be sure to also visit Oracle Study Groups. This area is reserved for in depth study of specific card-based oracle cards or using oracle cards to explore a particular subject. Please see this thread for details.

Some Topics Not Included In This Index

Oracles: Forum Discussions Index

What Is An Oracle Deck? & Comparisons With Tarot
Oracle noob confused
What the heck is this Oracle stuff?
Branching Out Into Oracles
Oracles- tarots poor cousin!
Difference between oracle and tarot
Difference between tarot and oracle decks
Oracles Instead of Tarot?
oracle instead of tarot
Oracle Cards vs Tarot
oracles vs tarot

Choosing Your Decks
How do you choose which decks you are going to buy?
How do you choose an oracle deck?
Qualities/criteria for an Oracle deck
How important to you is the underlying system of a given oracle?
does it matter to you about the number of cards?

General Discussions
For those of you that read professionally--->What Oracles do you use?
oracle decks are aimed at teenagers?
short term oracles?
Do my cards hate me?
Why do you like Oracle Cards?
Storing Oracle Cards

Using Oracle Cards
How do you use your oracle?
Can you do this?
Reading a Tarot Deck Like An Oracle Deck
Using oracle decks to find out your totem animals
Oracles I Could Use for Past Life Readings?
Using oracle cards to study fiction or write stories
What's YOUR reading style?
General questions about Cards, Spreads, and Reading Oracles
Asking A Deck For Advice About Whether To Buy Another Deck

Guide Book Discussions
Do you or do you not... read the guide book that comes with the deck?
Putting the book down
Using The Guidebooks

Popular Forum Threads
What Oracle Deck Is The Postman Bringing - Part 1
What Oracle Decks Are You Using? (2014)
Oracle Decks In Your Collection (2014 List)

Multiple Decks / Altering Decks
Combining Oracle Decks
Multiple Decks - Spreads
altering your deck? / leaving out a card?

Oracle Decks & Tarot Decks / Mixed Reading Techniques
Oracles with Tarot
Pairing Tarot and Oracles
Pairing of Decks
Oracles and Tarot...
Reading Oracle and Tarot At The Same Time
Using Oracle Cards at the end of a Tarot Reading
Mixing Tarot/Oracle Cards - in Talking Tarot
Merging Tarot with oracles - in Talking Tarot
Question re Tarot & Oracles - in Using Tarot Cards
Tarot decks with an Oracle for reading... - in Using Tarot Cards
Using both Tarot and an Oracle in a spread - in Tarot Spreads
3 Simple General Spreads for Combined Tarot & Oracle Readings - in Tarot Spreads

Creation Discussion
If You were to make your own oracle
Research: Why do you make your own oracle deck/sortilege set?
Have You Made Your Own Oracle?
Anybody tried soul collage?
books on designing your own oracle cards?
"Mandatory" Cards In An Oracle Deck?
What makes a deck original?

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Bumping up this index for those that may find it useful.