Original RWS editions


Is there one that isn't made of plastic?


Is there one that isn't made of plastic?

I also dislike the newer, thick coating. Have you tried shopping for a vintage deck or a used one anywhere?


Do you mean The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack? If so, then look for an older version with Printed in Belgium on the box. It might also say box or booklet printed in USA. Just make sure it says Belgium. Those have a lot nicer finish. I've also heard the newer ones printed in China have nice stock and finish, though I've never actually seen one.

If you're talking about the regular yellow box Rider-Waite, look for a used one that has Printed in Switzerland on the back of the box. :)


Find one WITHOUT the USG copyright in the lower right corner of the cards.... cardstock is lovely. More cardboard than plastic, feels like velvet. I don't shuffle mine. It's a treasure.


I actually don't mind the new finish. I have an older deck that I love, but I rendered it almost unusable through riffle shuffling ages ago. The new ones practically fly across the room.


The new Smith-Waite Centennial (aka PCS Commemorative) doesn't seem like plastic to me, at least not like the slick-sticky high gloss Italian printings of the RWS. Moreover, it is really beautiful. That's hard for some to believe, but seeing is believing.

Otherwise, the older decks are the way to go for non-plastic card stock, although the printings are not quite the quality of the new Smith-Waite.


Cheers for the replies.

I meant the rose and lilies decks.