Origins of Marseilles design pip cards

Rusty Neon

Looking at the pip cards of the Viéville deck (a non-TdM deck), despite slight differences in the way the leaves, etc. are placed, I notice a close similarity to the designs of the Conver Tarot de Marseille pip cards. I was wondering what is the earliest tarot deck that has pip cards closely similar to those of Conver Tarot de Marseille?



Though not a Tarot deck, I would suggest the Mamluk decks are so similar that a connection there must be.

This does not, of course, answer your question as stated.

I look forward to reading others' answers - though suspect that each extant card from early decks would likewise show these traits.

If no reply is forthcoming, I'll look over some of my notes in the coming couple of weeks (during which I shall be off-line more than lately, being a busy time coming up).

Rusty Neon

Thanks, Alain. The same indeed! The Cary Sheet certainly warrants attention.