Orion's Belt spread


Since childhood, I was a huge fan of Widget the World Watcher...
Besides the Moon, I always look up the winter skies to see Orion (Widget's homeworld).

This is a simple spread based on the first lines of the show's theme song.
It relates about a warning or something urgent which should be taken care of.


1 - "Danger and evil are everywhere...": an urgent warning one must be aware of.
2 - "Nature called; we didn't care...": the reason why this warning got ignored.
3 - "Who can help the world survive? Who can keep a dream alive?": the attitude/tool/help/etc. one must have to face this warning head-on.


Give a try? It looks like a cause and solution spread. Something like i have a problem provide that I am seeming to ignore it especially which this *is* the main point, and now what should I do with it. Maybe next time if I need to spot a faulty bug in my future programming, then I should use this spread, which I postponed getting my butt onto computer programming for years, which I really know I should lol. And of course, for a real life problem troubleshooting. Your spread has a potential, but looks like for 6 days no one flew a single reply. Have fun by the way. You can do it.


Your spread has a potential, but looks like for 6 days no one flew a single reply.
Good spreads do not necessarily get any replies. People simply use them but do not come here to report.
I liked this spread and actually liked it so much that I added it to our Tarot Spreads Index.


This spread looks very interesting. I'll be trying it soon.

Thank you MakoMoonPool! :)

As of now, there are 148 views of this thread. I think there are others out there who will be using this spread.


I've not got around to having a go. But always post when I do

Luna's Crone

i like this spread alot and adding it to my list. will put your name beside it. ;-)


I just found this spread and love it! I´ll use it for this month´s Newbies Circle!