Osho Zen: Fire: The Source - Ace

Judith D

The big bang, the cosmic egg, the beginning of life, the source of energy. This is an incredibly clear card. It has the red, orange, yellow colours of heat and energy; it has the circles / spheres of completeness and force. From this source you can create yourself or anything else that you wish, by contacting with it, using it, moulding it. And yet we can dive back in there for sustenance any time we wish.
The traditional Ace of Wands has the same basis - spiritual awakening, budding inspiration, the creative force of life.


I think this represents the Divine within each of us. That's where all our answers are.

In the book A Path With Heart by Jack Kornfield, he speaks of "taking the one seat" as being a way to access this. At least, I think that's what is meant by what he describes in the book. It's taking a seat for meditation and staying there no matter what comes up for us, whether it's hard to face or not. In his book he says it means sticking with the meditation practice through whatever difficulties and doubts arise until we've come to true clarity and understanding. I think that this clarity and understanding comes from accessing the Source---the Divine Source within us.


I also see this Ace as connection to Universal energy, and meditation is an excellent tool for this connection and awareness.
There is no "autopilot" to feelings and thoughts anymore, everything has clear intent. In this, you can create the life you wish for.
This card is significant (to me) of the birth of a new life or entering a new phase within one's life.

Alan Ross

I just read "Wicca for Beginners" by Thea Sabin not long ago. In it, she has a fascinating discussion of the practice of centering and grounding as a way of releasing stressful or negative energy and pulling in fresh energy.

One way to accomplish this is by first centering, then visualizing yourself extending roots into the ground, going deeper, deeper, right down to the fiery, magma-filled core of the earth. Then imagine all the heavy, unpleasant personal energy accumulated during the day being returned to the source while fresh, new energy is pulled up into your body.

When I look at the picture for the Ace of Fire, it is exactly how I would visualize the fiery core that my roots would tap into.


This card says to me, "brain." I dont know why, it just does.

In astrology, I have learned recently, the head is ruled by Aries of the 1st House --the house of Self. We are our own source, as everyone was talking about, through meditation, centering, lucid dreaming, projection.


This card looks like a giant eye to me and so some of its wisdom is in its experience of what it has seen.

It is thought that we each hold the answers, to all questions, within us. Yet, this source is a circle....where is the opening? How do you make your way in?

with love


Call me crazy, or perhaps nearsighted. But at first glance, I thought this card represented an ovum, at the moment of conception, with sperm bombarding it.

Now that I've taken a closer look at it, I see that what I thought were wiggling sperm, are, in fact, negative space behind what appear to be the rays of the sun.

I kind of like my first interpretation of this card, though, and I wonder if the effect wasn't deliberate on the part of the artist.

I look at this card as a depiction of the root chakra--sitting as its source.