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Hello to all the osho zen tarot enthuists. I have really enjoyed and benefitted from reading the study group threads on the major arcana for this deck, and am really interested in discussing the minor arcana now. Does this interest anyone? It could be a great opportunity for discourse.

Alan Ross

It's been a while since I looked at it, but I would be interested. Count me in :).


As a matter of fact, I was just thinking the same thing----that it's time to start the minors. Let's do it! :)

Briar Rose

I'd like to join. I love this deck. It seems different than all the rest.

Briar Rose

The Minor Arcana is divided into 4 suits representing 4 elements; marked with a color coded diamond.

Blue diamond- Water
Red diamond- Fire
Gray diamond-Clouds

Court cards replaced by names to simply represent different opportunities for Mastery over the 4 elements.

Perhaps this is why the last card of the MajorArcana is named, "The Master" and has no # because it is the introduction to the Minor Arcana?

Fire-action and response, the energy that moves us into situations, and then out of them again when we follow our gut feelings.

Above writing is notes from the Osho companion book.

I am going to sort out the Fire cards today and see what I come up with, or if someone can come up with something else post it and I'll follow. I tend to do well in structured studies, however:

I noticed in my journal I have notes on ways #'s are linked to lower ones, and how to add two digits together. But I see we're talking about the Minor Arcana here. I wouldn't know how to link together the Minor Arcana if certain cards ended up in certain positions.

Briar Rose

I have requested that this thread be moved to the study groups section.

I hope ya'll don't mind. And I hope that we really can continue to study the Minor Arcana. I find it really really helpful to hear what others have to say about the cards. Thank you.


I don't do the adding the numbers and relating them to the Majors anyway. I think if you're meant to get a Major, you will. No need to try to tie in what didn't come up, or came up but in other positions.

Anyway, thanks for getting the Minors going. :) I look forward to it.


Moving this to the Tarot Study Groups section as requested.

Could you please begin a new thread for each card (as you have done for the Major Arcana).


Sulis - co-moderator - Tarot Study groups

Alan Ross

HeavensVault said:
Perhaps this is why the last card of the MajorArcana is named, "The Master" and has no # because it is the introduction to the Minor Arcana?
I had forgotten all about the Master card. Now I remember when I first got this deck many, many years ago, I removed the Master card because I wasn't comfortable with the card's representation of the controversial Bagwan Shree Rajneesh. I just checked the study group thread on this card and read Lyric's contribution. My reaction is pretty much the same as hers. It is amazing that so much wisdom and beauty can arise out of so much spiritual corruption. This deck is truly a lotus blossom that has emerged from a pool of filth and decay.

Anyway, I'll also be reviewing the Fire cards, as well as catching up on the threads that have already been done on the majors. I am most comfortable working with RWS-based decks and I've noted that there are strong correlations between the minors in this deck and the RWS minors. I'm especially looking forward to hearing from others and sharing my impressions of how the two compare/contrast.


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I am truly delighted there are osho zen tarot readers who are ready to form a study group for the minor arcana! I am new to this, so am requesting that someone initiates being the moderator, and decides how we will proceed. Excuse my technical inexperience in this website, but I don't know how to move from a thread to a study group? I suggest discussing 1 or 2 cards per day, and to begin with the court cards, and it probably doesn't really matter what suit we begin with, although there seems to be some interest in first starting with fire. I am really excited about this, and look forward to providing any insights I have, as a new owner of the deck; sometimes initial impressions are raw but powerful and intuitive. I am not a traditional tarot card reader, preferring decks that are designed for meditation and spirituality, rather than following traditional stories of the tarot. Well, let's get this going......