OSHO Zen Tarot Study Group: The Master....

Indigo Rose

"The Master in Zen is not a master over others, but a master of himself. His every gesture and his every word reflect his enlightened state."Osho Zen Tarot, by Osho

I like seeing this card as self-mastery. Self-control is one of the Fruits of the Spirit in Galatians, which I connect to this card.



I just got this deck a few days ago.(abargain for $ 12.00)
I like it
Coming from a shamanistic background and new to the deck I today see the Master as the Shaman .
I like the Idea that He / She is the highest card in the Mayor Arkana.
I wonder, how I will feel with more study...


I also see this card as guiding others in a non-intrusive way.


i just bought it yeaterday. this is a hard deck toread out of the box. but this thread helps a lot. the book is not as helpful as i would like is there any other good sources on this

Judith D

I lay awake last night thinking about this card (fell asleep quite quickly in the middle so I must try it again tonight!)
The more I look at the card the more I think I do not really like it much. I probably just cannot appreciate it properly. It is good thing to have a master / teacher / guru outside yourself, as well as to recognise the master within, and the idea is positive and welcome. But I find the image hard to appreciate, and in fact my idea of the perfect master / teacher / guru is the old man from the Innocence card - full of joy and wonder, having left behind the grasping neediness of our usual external world, and appearing to be without judgment of anything.
I look at the image of the Master, and sometimes I see that huge depth behind the kind eyes, and at other times I see an image of superiority, with almost a smirk. It's my perception, I know, and perhaps it is actually a good thing because it can make me really think about why I see it like that at certain times. Perhaps its guidance is as a mirror of my current perception, to encourage me to think more deeply.


I like the term Shaman, Mi-Shell, and strangely enough, never thought about this card using that term. Makes sense. The term Shaman came up in a conversation I had with my mother recently. She grew up basically dirt poor in the middle of nowhere in the mountains of Peru. What would be considered a Shaman in her neck of the woods...you would have to travel far and wide to find one, not to mention, that you would have to be pretty much down on your luck.
The Master, to me, is about the journey, and having reached a point when one is ready to be instructed. The will is pliable enough to receive. The journey has been difficult, but well worth everything. So I see this card as reaching another plateau, and either being ready for the teacher, or becoming a teacher to someone else.


I just got this deck. I shied away from it for years because I remember all too well about the Rahjneeshi thing here in Oregon. Having gotten it myself a couple of days ago though, it was suddenly MY deck and I even feel like getting rid of all my other decks. :p (Now, now, Lyric old woman, don't be so hasty.)

I thought Ma Deva Padma was someone other than she is, so anyone who read this before I edited it, that's why I edited.

And to think I turned down the Tao Oracle in a trade about a week ago! Now I could kick myself because I want that deck, too. :p


when I first saw this card I numbered it as V the Hierophant but the companion book that is available has that as no-thingness. But he is the master of himself and a teacher...


I don't like this card. Every time it shows up, I just feel disgusted. I don't like the look on his face and I didn't like the man himself. I'm not going to take it out of the deck, though. Nothing and nobody is all bad. That's probably my lesson to learn from this card. He wasn't a Master of anything but trickery and deceit, greed and manipulation while he was here. I'm not surprised so many people look at the card and say they don't like it.

I agree that the old man with the grasshopper on his finger is truly the Master.

Judith D

So, Lyric, you also see that odd look on his face - and you also have a rather low opinion of the man himself. That's interesting to me as I felt like I had to be 'wrong' to see that, and should in fact have a better appreciation. But I had to be honest!
I am going to remember, if this card comes up, that MY reaction and interpretation are what matter to me, and I must not get caught up in what I think I 'ought' to feel.