Osho Zen Tarot-XVIII Past Lives


traditional card-moon

a gathering of different souls from different eras, centuries, lands, and times. even a fist swims through the crowd (symbolic of piscies possibly). the poor and the elite are all one in this hourglass of existence. the upper body held by two mystic hands, flanked by two salamanders of orange and yellow hue on either side. the moon in the upper right corner is in a crescent phase.

a card taht says that all time shall pass, all life shall be, all is one. It breaks away from the more traditional symbolisim that this deck does keep, there is no crayfish, and the moon itself is nearly non existint. Without relying on the books interpretation, i would say this is the card of mystics, magicians, and those in tune with natures vibrations. It calls for a simpler time long ago, and yet it beckons to a future so distant from now.

the message of the card: drop the illusion of time, it is all one in the end, never fight for the future, it comes soon enough.

Indigo Rose

paradoxx said:
... Without relying on the books interpretation, i would say this is the card of mystics, magicians, and those in tune with natures vibrations. It calls for a simpler time long ago, and yet it beckons to a future so distant from now.

the message of the card: drop the illusion of time, it is all one in the end, never fight for the future, it comes soon enough.

Wow, talk about Synchronicity! I just started using this deck yesterday. I got it for Mother's Day. I hadn't gotten into this one much; other than a few readings. However, last night I pulled it out to do some meditational type reading.My question was on what direction I need to be going; spirituality was the key thing on my mind. I got this card XVIII Past Lives....it is really unique and threw me when I first looked at. I read the book and found the description quite fascinating.

Here is a quote from the book that accompanies it.
"...While it might be entertaining to fantasize about famous past lives, it is just a distraction. The real point is to see and understand the karmic patterns of our lives, and their roots in an endless repetitive cycle that traps us in unconsicous behavior. *The two rainbow lizards on either side represent knowing and not knowing. They are guardian of the unconscious, making sure that we are prepared for a vision that might otherwise be shattering. A glimpse into the eternity of our existence is a gift, and understanding the function of karma in our lives is not something that can be grasped at will. This is a wake-up call; the events in your life are trying to show you a pattern as ancient as the journey of your own soul." from OSHO Zen Tarot

Judith D

I am behing on my Osho studies - time to catch up.
I don't find this a particularly attractive card to look at or study, but it has such depths within it that it fascinates.
There are all those people that we were / are / could be - are they actual individuals or aspects of ourselves held and nurtured within our bodies / minds.
Very karmic - the repetition of what we have been and will be unless we intervene somehow and stop the cycle of samsara.
The moon and its phases bring to mind the female cycles - menstruation, pregnancy, birth. The lizards as guardians of the unconscious prepare us 'for a vision that might otherwise be shattering' - a birth indeed of something new, new consciousness, either as enlightened or as a new life once again.


When I look at this card, I also get the sense of past lives, and karma.
I did a read for a friend a few weeks ago, and this was one of the cards that came out. At the time I believed this to indictate a pattern of thinking and doing that had followed from one lifetime to the next. So I did not feel this card to indicate the new, but rather the old ways.
When karma comes calling around, and it always will...one has free will as to how they will greet it at the door. It is a challenge to act from the higher mind, and I do believe that this card demands it so. My advice to her was to be patient with the process of rediscoverying herself, redefining what it means to be "strong", and how it is applied to others, then to herself.
One must be very gentle with oneself, for it is a very old pattern that must be investigated, and that will not be fixed overnight.


For me this is card is showing us that we are living in the past its time to move on.


Continuing with my studies, this is the first card that each person has a totally different view on. It seems we agree with the meanings of the others more so.

I for one am glad to see for the large part the connection with pisces gone (except fro the fish that paradoxx points out) because as a Cancerian, I have always felt this is the card for me, as the moon is my planet.

If dwelling on past lives is a distraction, then why call this card "past lives?" Can we not learn the karmic lessons of our lives, present & past, whether or not that past life is "famous" or not? Why is this a distraction?

Someone mentioned in one of the threads I read earlier that the Oshos made sure their politcal view found their way into this deck. Perhaps this is one of them. I would be interested to learn what other faith's perception of past lives are, & I would also be interested to learn what the views of others are on past life regression therapy & whether other have expereinced past lives. I find memories to be very powerful, and since this is my planet, my card, the presence of the moon card as past lives is striking.


I don't see this card as reflecting their political views so much as their mainstream spiritual Eastern philosophical views. There are other ones that blatantly say to me things about their specific Osho philosophy. One is 7 of Clouds (Politics). The man on the card definitely looks like a caricature of Ronald Reagan who, if memory serves me, was President during some of the time when the Rahjnishis were in Oregon. Another is Queen of Clouds (Morality). The (now known as) Oshos did everything they could to break down the barriers of morality, especially sexual morality.


This card is a bit of a puzzler to me. At least as I have been reading the Osho Zen major arcana there is lots and lots about karma and reincarnation here. Why did they need to do yet another card like this to drive home the point?

As yet, I don't get it.

I'll have to watch for this card as it turns up in readings and see if I start to get it when it appears in context with the other cards it seems to me now to duplicate.


Past Lives XVIII

You began this journey into your life..........You were given knowledge and you learnt so much but know you have so much to learn...........
Reflect on what you know and what you don't know......
What have you carried over from past lives, what will you continue to take into the future.. is there something you need to let go because that behaviour no longer serves you? what have you learnt that you need to take with you in the future.......?

This card holds so much more...........than you see on the surface..... meditate on this card, step into it and talk to the characters, discover their journies, discover the secrets that that they hold within themselves......

Blessed Be!