OshoZen 4 of Clouds (swords)

Briar Rose

OshoZen 4 of Clouds (swords) :T4S


A person looking through a frame of a landscape. The firgue is on black and white, and the landscape is in color. But so are the person's clothing.

I finally conquered the art of, 'get it done now.' And it feels soooooooo good. Hey, look how fast I'm moving ya'll forward?

Now, if I could only do that emotionally!

Alan Ross

The tendency to postpone and procrastinate has gotten me in so much trouble in the past! There is a lot of truth to the old saw that "a stitch in time saves nine." I'm getting somewhat better at facing the music and taking care of business (more cliches :)). I will grumble, but then I'll say to myself, "Might as well get it over with."

What I'm not getting better at is taking the plunge and doing the things in life that I would really enjoy. I keep promising myself that I will take that Hawaiian vacation or train for that marathon as soon as my finances improve, as soon as I find time, etc. Unfortunately, "as soon as" never seems to arrive. So I continue looking out the window, instead of leaping through it to the other side.


The color looks like it's returning to this figure. So tired of living in the black and white.
Looking at this card, makes me think there is renewal in looking at life from a different perspective. I'm beginning to see that not much matters unless I live it from a "real" place, that's what this card means to me.

Judith D

She is living in the black and white, but looking at the colour. Her clothes are turning to colour, but her mind is still stuck in the monochrome. Procrastination is a dreadful thing, and one of my personal problems too. My job involves always having to do everything immediately, no delays because of time constraints (conveyancing and mortgage bonds) and I tend to let my private life drift, dreaming of the colour while I sit in the black and white. The explanation in the book seems to indicate fear of moving forward, but I know full well that a lot of my delays are laziness, not fear!
Fours represent time-out, taking break, end of a phase before the beginning of another. Perfect correlation again.


With me, a HUGE thing has been putting off writing a book. I've been going to do that for over 20 years now, but I keep waiting till the kids are grown---now it's waiting till the grandkids are older---but I have to stop postponing and get with it. If not now, then when? Oprah isn't going to call the cemetery for Pete's sake!

I think some of my procrastination is a rebellion against parental authority. (Geez, I'm past 60 and my mom is past 80.) But if it's something I "have" to do, that's the thing I'll procrastinate the worst over. I hate things I "have" to do.

This card always reminds me of me when I see it. It immediately speaks to me.

But it does seem to have a very different meaning than the traditional RWS meaning, doesn't it? It adds a layer of meaning to my other cards, though. The RWS type card could mean procrastination as well.

Judith D

What are these things we have with our mothers! Snap, Solitaire. I have tried desperately not to pass on to my kids some of the things I have collected from my mother and hate, but I know very well it won't all have been successful.
Yes, the four is procrastination as well. Any kind of taking a break, really


I really love the image, and the message, of this card. I am a long-time procrastinator and I know how worry about what I should be doing bleaches life of all its enjoyment.

Yet the traditional 4 of Swords regards taking a break and meditating as being positive steps.

A similar concept, in this deck, cast as negative.