OshoZen 4 of Rainbows (Pents)


4 of Rainbows ~The Miser~

I guess there are different ways to be a tightwad. In the emotional sense, the fear of being vulnerable comes to mind. There are some people that find it difficult to express themselves emotionally. This must be very frustrating. There is a time and place for taking risks, and for all the times I've taken that risk....of telling someone how deeply I felt for them, well, I'm glad I did it.
Even if it was met with rejection, at least I tried.
This lady in this rainbow card wants to know nothing of it. There will be no risk of loss here, but also no gain.
Tis true, it can be nerve racking exposing true feelings, but after, what a relief, especially when reciprocated.
So I'd say to this lady, let go, and take a chance...no chance, no dance.


When I first got a copy of the Osho, it was intended as a gift for someone. But I opened it up and looked through it and knew I couldn't let it go! So I gave something else as a gift. The first several spreads I did with the deck, that darned woman on the Miser card would look accusingly back at me. LOL It made me chuckle every time. Now whenever it comes up in a reading, I almost feel resentful. :p

Judith D

Grab this, hide that, hold on tight, don't open your fingers and let anything slip. You cannot see what you have because you are holding on so tightly. You can't even look at it because you are so busy looking over your shoulder to see who is coming up behind you to grab a bit. Yet if you can open up and share, everyone can see the beauty. And the more you give out, the more you will receive. It is so scary to take the risk, but so rewarding to give with no expectation. Holding on to people is just as risky as holding on to 'stuff', and just as rewarding when you find you can let go, not control.
Fours are time out / stalemate / resting period. We really are in a stalemate position if we cannot allow change, when what we already possess becomes so important we cannot let anything out, or indeed anything in, whether it is an idea or a new dvd.


Greed brings ugliness, doesn't it? Look at this ugly woman.....I'm sure she would look much nicer, and be much friendlier and lighter, if she was to share some of her treasures. Instead, she locks hersElf with her jewels, behind the rocky fence. Unimpenetrable. The feathers/plumes don't fool us. They are meant to distract attention from her ugly face. But even under the mask of her makeup.....she is still ugly!

with love


We are all craving beings. Craving and aversion, as we can learn for ourselves, are the source of all suffering. Other cards in this deck speak eloquently of aversion, but this card...pure craving. More. More. Want. Want.

How much of this is a natural drive? How much of this comes from the impulse at birth we all feel to fight for air, to fight for food.

It is perhaps unnatural, but helpful to us, to cultivate appreciative joy in the joy of others without demanding for ourselves that which pleases them.

This card seems to mesh very nicely with the conventional meaning of the 4 of Pentacles.