OshoZen 7 of Rainbows (Pents)


7 of Rainbows ~Patience~

"...time to be ready for something momentus."

Patient, I'm not, but knowing that is half the battle, or so I hope. I guess this card is all about "good things come to those who wait", lol.
I always wanted things to develop quickly, and perfectly. All that immediate satisfaction. When I was a kid, couldn't wait to be an adult, always counting off those birthdays. Now I wonder, what was I thinking?
Goes back to 2 of rainbows and the importance of remaining in the present. Allowing it to sink in, and being enough to enjoy....for now.
I like the hope in this card, and the confidence that everything will progress as it should.



Patience, I got this card twice in different occasions when asking about the result of a situation that I have been going through for a while now and in which there is nothing that appear to be happening I think I finally got the message. This card is trying to tell me to play the game of wait and see, there is nothing i can do, in this case the best thing to do is nothing but just wait.
I can't force this situation to change, otherwise would be like trying to push a river or forcing the plants to grow and bear fruits sooner than what they are able, there are natural laws that we can't change. This card tells me that some things can't be hurried, a lot things in life are cyclical and need time to develop, there isn't such a thing as instant gratification, patience is required to be able to see changes.

Judith D

There is just so much in this card. It is indeed a reminder that we need patience, but also that during patience we must be alert for that right moment of fruition to arrive. It is also a reminder that all of life is cyclical - what goes around comes around, if you don't get it this time, there will be another time, what you desperately want to grab for yourself right this minute, will be the thing you throw out later on. Everything has a season.
Our waiting needs to be done in expectation - ready to grab the moment at the right time. Hopefully when the moment arrives, we will be ready. But our waiting also needs to be done quietly, contentedly, with trust tht the outcome, whatever it is, will be perfect.
She is a gloriously rounded, voluptuous woman, so serene in her waiting, pregnant with possibility. The abundance of the harvest around her show sthe growth through all seasons, and the phases of the moon show the passing of time eternally.
The traditional RWS is also a card of cycles, sowing and reaping, and of cultivation and evaluation. It does however seem to be more aligned to evaluation of what we have accomplished, rather than of waiting for the moment to arrive.


I see this card as a warning to be patient, not the actual quality itself.

Every pregnant woman I have ever known cannot wait to have that baby. So why the smile?

I like the 'cyclical' part of this card. Very karmic.

And the virtue of patience (like that of 'indecision' in the 8 of Wands) is something to be striven for.

Perhaps there is connection between this 7 and the other 8? What about all 7's & 8's. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.



Khanti. Patience asks us to remain in the moment, rather than believing that "things will be better when..." and "I will be happy when..." Appreciation of the moment when nothing is happening requires patience.

ana luisa

Does anyone feel any indication of time frame by looking at the moon phases? I usually get flashes of numbers whenever I see them. I don´t think "cycle" too much.


ana luisa said:
Does anyone feel any indication of time frame by looking at the moon phases? I usually get flashes of numbers whenever I see them. I don´t think "cycle" too much.

No, I don't get a good sense of a time frame but I agree with you that it conveys the sense of a segment of time rather than a cycle. If it were intended to reflect a cycle the phases of the moon would have been completely surrounding the figure rather than arc-ed over it. Also, pregnancy is a time that comes to an end. Of course pregnancy could also be regarded as cyclic in the larger sense in that many different women become pregnant over time.

The two most likely time frames would be one month or nine, but I think the card is intended to be more flexible than that.

Great observation BTW.