OshoZen Ace of Clouds (Swords)

Briar Rose

OshoZen Ace of Clouds (Swords) :TAS

Clouds, replacing Swords, the traditional suit of air, representing the mind.

The book reads that Coulds are chosen because the unenlightened mind s cloud-like in the way it blocks light and darkens the landscape around us, preventing us from seeing things as they really are. But cloudes come and go, and therefore not to be taken seriously.

Ace of Clouds:

The card show a vast Buddha figure. He's gone beyond the stars and above his head is pure emptiness.

This card means to me that I am my true self when I am completely *out of my mind*. I trust fellow groupies understand what I am referring to?

When I can quiet the chatter, stop analyzing, critizing, and stop comparing I am actually peacefully happy, and the most creative.

I can do this when I am doing something that I love the most. Playing with my animals, making jewelry, art...being creative.


I tried the "accept not react" today, I can see where it can be effective. What I noted was that the process seems to slow things down a bit. Today I wanted to return a pair of new glasses that were hurting my eyes, the lady made me wait so I could speak to the person who fitted me for them. All I wanted was a refund...could have raised my voice a bit, or made an out and out fuss, but decided to just go with it. Well, I had to be patient which can be a tricky thing for me, but, ultimately there was resolution, and everyone held their peace. If anything I'm noting when I feel an "urge" to move quickly on something, to just assert myself and my needs pronto...so I like this practice, and will try to incorporate more and more. I'm sure there may come a time when it may become a "natural" thing, hopefully.
This Buddha in this Ace card looks to me as one of complete patience. The face is so peaceful, nothing to grapple with or confront. It really is that attitude of "accept and not react", perfectly.

Judith D

This buddha is huge, expansive, calm. His face shows he is in a state of meditation, eyes slightly open, the third eye glowing and active - he is in the state of 'no-mind', of emptiness which does not mean vacuousness. He represents the consciousness which is always there, that underpins all that we are and all that we do. As an ace, he is a creator, a beginning. As Ace of clouds, hopefully he will help us clear away the clouds from our understanding, and show us the brightness of truth so that our minds can begin to grow.
Yes - clearing away the constant mind-chatter, concentrating on someone or something else, doing something creative that you love - definitely 'out of my mind' and a really good place to be.


I noticed in Osho's commentary on this card that "most of the cards in this suit of the mind are either cartoon-like or troubled" because the mind is generally a bad influence in our lives. I'm glad to see that confirmed. It has struck me looking through the deck so far how negative this suit is, more so IMO than the standard RWS Swords.

This Ace of Clouds, however, represents crystal clarity within, and simultaneous consciousness of the vast space without. This is a calming, soothing card.