OshoZen Ace of Rainbows (Pents)


HeavensV is on the mend, and didn't want to hold up our studies, so she asked me to finish the Rainbows.
Here we go...

Ace of Rainbows ~Maturity~

The book describes this card as "spiritual spring", which is appropriate, Spring is here on the east coast, well, almost.
In this part of the country where I live in, to really feel Spring's presence is much appreciated. The winters can be harsh around here, many times finding myself "imprisoned" for days at a time because the weather is uncooperative. When the opportunity comes to open up a window or two and let some of that fresh air in, it just makes me feel so grateful.
In this sense, Maturity, for me, is an ability to recognize all the winters of your life. All those times that were particularly harsh, challenging, when you thought you'd never see sunlight again.
If gratitude had a face, I believe it would look like this one. No regrets, just thankful for everything learned on the way.

Judith D

Spiritual spring is a lovely description. Here it is going slowly into autumn - cool nights and chilly mornings, but still glorious sunshine during the day (although as I write this the rain is starting, and thunder and lightning are rolling round the sky). Maturity would usually go with autumn, one would think, but I like the thought that this maturity brings us to a springtime, a rejuvenation, a flowering, from which we can grow our spirit.
This is an ace, so a beginning, a gift, an inspiration. Very fitting.
Squeakmo9 - what a beautiful thought - 'if gratitude had a face, I believe it would look like this one'. Very apt too


I always thought this person was a woman but I remember reading in the text it is in fact a man!

The flowers have integrated with his body to look like clothing. He has a definite look of peace and shines with harmony.

There is still bleak around him (at the outside top of the circl)e yet he is so in tune, it does not take his energy or attention.

with love


I think this card is quite paradoxical. "Maturity" to me ordinarily means not the flowers but the fruit. A spiritual spring might represent a spirituality that never reaches maturity. What is the difference between "Ripeness" (the 9 of Rainbows) and Maturity (this Ace)? Does maturity mean fecundity? Aces are the cards of beginnings.

Spiritual maturity means a readiness to bear fruit, not the fruit itself.