OshoZen Fire:Participation:4 of Fire

Briar Rose

This is an interesting card. Four sets of hands, with one up and one down. With I think, a Ying Yang in the middle (going by memory), the masculine and feminine.

Recieving, and giving.

This cards means that if we contribute to something we will create something better.

Alan Ross

The book identifies the mandala formed by the four figures as a double dorje, the Tibetan symbol for the thunderbolt. I found a picture of a double dorje at the following site:


There is also the following description:

"The double dorje is one of the premiere symbols for Tantric Buddhism. It represents undefiled pure consciousness, the pristine awareness beyond conceptual thinking. These are qualities of the enlightened mind. In Sanskrit the word used to denote the basis for that condition is 'sunyata', usually translated as emptiness or void. It is a state which cannot be destroyed or corrupted, has no beginning or end, etc. At the same time it can destroy all negative and deluded conditions and is the basis for all phenomena."

Each of the four figures gives to the one seated to the right and receives from the one seated to the left, creating through the participation of each this harmonious mandala of enlightenment.

So many of us live our lives on the sidelines, spectators rather than participants. When we actively participate in our lives, we become a part of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Judith D

Can I not get my right and left correct, or are the figures actually receiving with the left, giving with the right?
This shows so clearly how we are all part of the whole, each with our life to give, our experience to offer, but without each other - every other - we are incomplete. Nothing exists without its counterpart, to form the huge circle. We need to take part, to keep the movement spiralling round and round, and on and on, unendingly. The need to participate is our own need, and is also the need of every other participant.

Alan Ross

Judith D said:
Can I not get my right and left correct, or are the figures actually receiving with the left, giving with the right?
You're right! That's how I saw it, too, but I didn't notice the discrepancy with the LWB. I wonder which was actually intended? Isn't the left usually considered the more receptive side?


Left is the feminine and right, the masculine...great card, reminds me of "ask and you shall receive".


In these days when the internet makes it so easy to feel like we're participating in an online community, it's even more important to heed the advice of this card and make the effort to participate in real things with real people every day. Especially for me since I'm disabled and can't walk far or drive anymore. It's easy for me to just hole up here in my house and feel like I'm socializing but it's just online.

Judith D

Lyric, you are amazing. Little snippets of information keep dripping out and I think - Huh?!
You are so right about the internet, but if I didn't have this forum for tarot I would be struggling alone with one difficult deck and probably have given up by now, so it has huge worth as well as huge dangers. I think you need to be real to be able to be virtual, if you follow, and the other way round does not work very well at all.


osho zen 4 of Fire: Participation

I think of these four little sets of hands, harmonizing energy together, as if in a reiki share. For anyone who has ever participated in a reiki share, it is completely about giving and receiving energy in a harmonious way, and your participation is vital for the success of the healing for the person receiving the reiki. I also like how there is a pattern or crescendo of increasing energy in the 2 - Possibilities, 3 - Experiencing, and now 4 - Participation; with each card the magnitude of positive energy dramatically increases. Think for example when you are looking for a job, what it means to explore possibilities, then experience something, like an interview, and then to be hired and fully participating in what was once only a possibility. I like how these cards work together.


This card presents a really interesting view of the double thunderbolt. The energy of the thunderbolts is not being discharged to the four corners of the earth. It is being fed back into the center. This is a "closed circle" of sorts.

A totally different way to look at the double vajra. Challenging. I like it, though I wasn't sure I agreed with it at first.