OshoZen:Fire "Possibilities" 2 of Wands

Briar Rose

OshoZen; Fire Suit, "Possibilities" the 2 of Wands

Like the Eagle flying above the land, this card means to me that if I am open, and glide with wings of life, there will be an abundance of opportunities for me.

When I give upp the fear, and breathe, like the eagle, I can Soar to new Heights, and Life's experiences will have clearer meanings to me.

eyes like an eagle
birds eye view
soar like an eagle

Alan Ross

In RWS-based decks, I often interpret this card (Two of Wands) as vision, ambition, and the need to adopt a wider perspective. The Two of Fire has much the same significance for me. The LWB suggests "Don't be content easily. Those who remain content easily remain small: small are their joys, small are their ecstasies, small are their silences, small is their being." Life should be lived as a grand adventure. Think big, be ambitious, shoot for the stars, and always be aware that we live in a world of limitless possibilities.

The scene pictured in this card of an eagle soaring above the land also gives the card another more personal significance for me. Over the years, I have relied on a certain coping mechanism for those occasions when I've found myself getting too emotionally involved in the dramas around me. I would visualize myself as an eagle, soaring far, far above the land. I would picture those involved in the drama as no more than tiny ants crawling on the surface far, far below me. Then I would say to myself, "You can stay above this. You can stay serene and detached, looking down with your eagle eyes while soaring aloft."

If someone was rude or unpleasant to me, I could look with my eagle eyes from above and realize how trivial these issues are. I do not have to depend on the good will of others. I do not have to allow others to make their issues my issues. By staying above, other possibilities open up, possibilities for acting more skillfully, less reactively, in difficult situations.

Judith D

It is very much about perspective, isn't it - when you are up there, soaring with the eagle, seeing through his eyes, so much is possible and manmade boundaries are insignificant. If you want more, or different, fly a little higher. You have to be in tune with yourself to keep balanced and floating, to keep the wind at the right angle and force beneath your wings

From below, it takes a huge leap of imagination to see the eagle so high, and we can easily be satisfied with the limits we impose upon ourselves. It is easy to crawl on the ground and not lift our heads and our eyes to the possibilities out there.


I think the challenge of this card is to always stay mindful and focused on all those things that one truly wants out of life. In that, all that is unecessary just falls away.


This card reminds me of my experience of being married to my late husband. I came from 40 years of extreme poverty. He came from an equal number of years of extreme wealth. We met at an AA meeting. Alcoholism and addiction is a great equalizer. :) Anyway, he taught me that the sky was the limit and that the sky was a lot higher than the one I knew.

What I took away from that was the observation that if people who live in poverty could only realize how big their dreams could be and how high the sky is that they could reach for, there wouldn't be so much violence and depression and suicide---not so much misery and squalor. It would give hope to so many if only they could lose their tunnel vision and see their true possibilities like this card symbolizes.


osho zen 2 of Fire: Possibilities

This is such a hopeful and brave card; it defies fear in any and all circumstances, when you are only looking at possibilities from a prime vantage point, be it a new relationship, a new job, a new friendship, project, residence, whatever. It is an empowering reminder of readiness for self development and growth. I relate the eagle also to other magnificent birds of prey such as the condor of South America, where it is mythically revered for its power and spiritual awakenings, which can only guide you to the higher self. To me, it looks like the sun is sprouting hope out of the mountain peaks, the overall colour of the card is orange (second chakra - creativity) and the card emits a great deal of positive energy for me; this is how possibilities become realities, and concrete projects move in a new and celebratory way! What a great card in any reading!!!


A beautiful, lyrical card.

Somehow I associate the soaring of an eagle with air, and swords, and therefore by implication with the mind, rather than with the fire of the sun.

This is a very positive card. There is no suggestion here that the eagle, like Icarus, will fly too close to the sun and come to grief. This card instead invites us to sail through "skies upon skies." The advice "Don't be content easily" relates in an interesting way to the figure on the Nine of Water, Laziness.