OshoZen; Fire, Traveling 8 of Wands


I just love the imagery of this card, which is a nice respite after the stern wakeup calls of the Six and Seven of Fire.

I set this card side-by-side with Possibilities, the Two of Fire, and it is an interesting contrast. The colors and edges on the Two are very sharp--as if seen through an eagle's eye, and the vantage point appears to be from up above.

The Traveling card is beautifully misty, and we are definitely looking up the mountain, not down on it. The LWB assures us that this trek up the steep mountain "will be easy and will bring a sense of adventure and growth."

Well, I've heard that it is better to travel joyfully than to arrive.


I drew this card for the first time today. What I saw from it was the beginning of progress and the start of a journey towards something better. I think that the figure in this card is moving forward towards something better, though he can't see completely where he is going because of the mist that blocks that path, he has the sun there to guide him; to be a beacon towards where he needs to go and to give him hope during his journey.